The NHL trade deadline is now just four days away. The rumors and rumblings are increasing and we have seen a few small deals, but we have yet to see one of the big names move.

Canes and Coffee’s coverage is now four articles deep. The latest from today looks at the trade deadline from Ron Francis’ angle and also includes links to the first three articles. We also went rogue on Wednesday night and made a case for the Carolina Hurricanes entering and even winning the Erik Karlsson sweepstakes.

In the Monday Coffee Shop polls and discussion readers were not optimistic that the Hurricanes would do a significant deal and also prioritized two possible forward additions above all others. Today’s polls and discussion questions, not surprisingly, also take on a trade deadline theme.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What do you think of the wild case made for the Hurricanes dealing for Erik Karlsson? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Which NHL level (including recent demotions) Hurricanes player(s) is most likely to be traded? (Select up to 2.)

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On the ice, what should we expect this weekend?

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Discussion questions


1) If you had to name one more aggressive or outlandish deal (like the Karlsson possibility) what would it be?


2) Do you see the need or possibility for the Hurricanes to shake up the core either now or during the offseason and part ways with any of Justin Faulk, Jeff Skinner or Jordan Staal?


3) Anything else on the upcoming NHL trade deadline…GO!


Go Canes!

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