The countdown to the NHL trade deadline is officially upon us. With the 2018 NHL trade deadline now only six days away, rumors, rumblings and even some actual deals will be be the hottest news and discussion in the days ahead.

Our trade deadline series is already two articles deep and already includes a bunch of reader comments offering viewpoints on different things. Part 1: “Setting the stage” is HERE. Part 2: “Considering the categories” is HERE.

Today’s Coffee Shop also features a set of polls and discussion questions focused on the trade deadline from a Carolina Hurricanes viewpoint.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What should be Ron Francis' mentality for the NHL trade deadline?

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What is the probability that Ron Francis does a deal of some significance?

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If you could add an offense-leaning top 6 forward, who would it be?

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Discussion questions


1) What players, if any, do you think Ron Francis should target, and what deals would you try to do?


2) What do you expect from a Canes perspective for the trade deadline?


3) Anything else trade deadline related…GO!


Go Canes!

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