The up and down 2017-18 season continued last week. After a hard-fought but still not good enough overtime loss to the Flyers to stretch the losing streak to three games, the Hurricanes rebounded with a pair of solid home wins over the weekend. That combined with recent struggles from most of the teams in the Metropolitan Division fray finds the Hurricanes currently sitting in playoff position and trending upward.

Today’s Daily Cup of Joe reassesses the playoff chase for the Metropolitan Division and Eastern Conference.

The Monday Coffee Shop will take on a similar theme with polls and discussions on the playoff outlook while we are enjoying sunnier days.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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How about now? Are the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes a playoff team?

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If you had to rank the good things from the two weekend wins, which was most significant?

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To make the playoffs, the Hurricanes must beat 3 teams in the Metropolitan Division. Which 3 are most vulnerable?

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Discussion questions


1) What do you make of the weekend success? Is it just another gyration in what will continue to be a roller coaster ride of a 2017-18 season? Or could it be a turning point?


2) Is it possible that perhaps the biggest positive for the Canes playoff hopes is that the Metropolitan Division is not shaping up to be all it was cracked up to be earlier in the season? Is it possible that slightly better than treading water will be good enough to win the final wild card slot with a bunch of teams fading?


3) What is your outlook for the week ahead?


Go Canes!

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