Today is August 31 which means it is the last day of what is easily the slowest month of the hockey year. Within a few days, Canes and Coffee will be posting training camp previews, then come season previews and then finally REAL hockey.

But alas for the die-hards who think Hurricanes hockey even in the dog days of summer, we have one more Coffee Shop to push through…AND…wait for it…ACTUAL COFFEE CUPS! (sarcastic cheers)

Check out Canes and Coffee’s small foray into merchandising HERE.

And please also check out today’s Daily Cup of Joe which has part 3 of a series offering small “bites” on every Canes player and prospect.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What do you think of the coffee mugs? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Per today's Daily Cup of Joe, which if any of the three players penciled into the fourth line are vulnerable to rising young players? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Discussion questions


1) Following the Daily Cup of Joe theme from the past few days, create your own group of Hurricanes players with a common theme in terms of role, situation or maybe even something more whimsical.


2) It is jumping the gun a little bit on training camp preview coverage that will start in earnest next week, but what one thing (and only one) are you most watching for in the first few days of training camp and maybe preseason game?


3) With the ongoing ‘Back to School’ series finishing up the Hurricanes 2017 NHL draft class on Tuesday, which player is most intriguing to you and why?


Go Canes!

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