The idea and even process of ordering branded Canes and Coffee coffee has made it into the tinkering stage multiple times but always seemed to find a way to the back burner in favor of another article or something else related to content. But after a few fits and failed starts and after passing the two year anniversary of Canes and Coffee, we FINALLY have namesake coffee mugs.

Details are TBD, but I think the general idea is to sell the coffee cups for about $13, and to ship them in away that they arrive in one piece will probably run about $5 locally and probably the rest of the US. With sales tax and shipping, the total should hopefully be less than $20.















The risk at this point is now the process of figuring out shipping logistics and setting up a page to take orders takes another two plus years. 🙂


More seriously, the hope is to invest a little bit of time in this over the holiday weekend, get squared away with people who have generously contributed and deserve a small token of our appreciation in return and at the same time set up some kind of simple order page.


We would greatly appreciate help with two things:

1) Here is a really short survey that mostly explores the possibility of coming up with a few unique and “local” delivery/pick up options for people in the Raleigh area.

2) If you have contributed $15 or more to Canes and Coffee either in the original Kickstarter or more recently on PayPal and want a coffee mug, please send a short email or comment saying so and also including your mailing address and email, so we can send you a coffee mug as a small thank you. Another way is to generously make another small contribution of about $5 via PayPal to cover shipping costs and include your mailing address and when you contributed previously in the notes.


Go Canes!

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