If you missed it yesterday, please make a stop to read a special article highlighting a group from our Caniac Nation who are investing their time and energy for a great cause.


What a difference a week makes. This time last week we were stewing in three consecutive losses and trending toward another playoff miss. With Friday, Saturday and Tuesday wins, the #CanesCoaster has yet again completely reversed course. As I write this, the Hurricanes are in the final playoff spot by a point with no need to adjust for games played and equally significantly are trending more positive (not just over the last three games but also 10-12) than anyone of the five teams currently fighting for the final two playoff spots.

Against that backdrop, the Thursday Coffee Shop will try to strike a balance between enjoying the current reality and maintaining a healthy (but hopefully not paranoid) level of skepticism and realism.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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How about now? Playoffs? Yes or no?

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Which of the recent wild cards do you consider to be the most real/sustainable?

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In the run of 3 critical 4-point games against division foes in the next 4 days, what do you expect?

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Discussion questions


1)  With Brock McGinn stepping up on Friday, Justin Faulk on Tuesday and others to some degree as well, who is your best guess for the next round of heroes in the next three games?


2) If you allow yourself to be skeptical, what part of the team’s recent success could prove to be more random than true trend and could reverse course in the games ahead?


3) Anything else Canes to discuss? That goes here.


Go Canes!



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