Tentative plan is to use this article as an open forum for all discussion on free agent frenzy Saturday, so check back for discussion and comments as the rumors fly and the deals close.


With the start of free agency at high noon on Saturday and prospect camp running most of the week too, Canes and Coffee dedicated the regular Thursday Coffee Shop to prospect camp and the Canes prospects and is setting up a separate Coffee Shop discussion forum with polls for the start of free agency.

Hurricanes fans have seen two big NHL deal weeks come and go with only smaller fish fried. The expansion draft week saw the Hurricanes make a deal to keep Lee Stempniak (more or less a trade for a player who was likely gone otherwise) and also a deal to add defenseman Trevor Van Riemsdyk. The NHL draft was a nothing in terms of yielding the kind of blockbuster deal that Hurricanes fans are craving right now, but Francis was back at work this week tying up smaller loose ends roster-wise for both the Hurricanes and Checkers and closed that round of work off by clearing two NHL roster slots with the trade of Eddie Lack and Ryan Murphy.

Check out the recent chronology of all articles at Canes and Coffee HERE if you want to catch up on our thoughts, but the aim of the Coffee Shop is to gather that opinions of the Canes and Coffee community. And the topic at hand is the impending start of free agent season on Saturday and Ron Francis’ remaining work to build the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes opening day roster.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What are your thoughts on the Eddie Lack and Ryan Murphy trade on Thursday? (Choose as many as apply.)

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What is the probability that Francis does some kind of deal this weekend to add a top 6 forward?

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How is Ron Francis most likely to land a significant player this weekend?

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Discussion questions


1) Past the quick poll, what are your thoughts on the Eddie Lack/Ryan Murphy trade?

2) Which 3-4 free agent forwards do you think could address the Hurricanes needs for a top 6 forward and scoring help?

3) Which, if any, of the trade targets do you think could still be in play? Could Ron Francis use the threat of fleeing to free agency as just the leverage he needs to get a fair deal with the Avs, Canadiens or another team trying to deal a top 6 forward?

4) Anything else free agency, trades or 2017-18 roster building? Go….!


Go Canes!

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