With yet another round of Hurricanes and Oilers trade rumors popping up after the Leon Draisaitl extension, today’s Daily Cup of Joe considered the balance of patience and urgency for Hurricanes general manager Ron Francis.

Aside from more micro-level individual player, trade and transaction decisions, this balance between patience (trusting the youth in the prospect pool) and urgency (making moves to add veterans to win now), will likely prove to be the biggest ‘hindsight is 20/20’ item for the 2017-18 season. The range of potential outcomes runs the gamut. Francis could go with what he has, and it could easily prove to be enough to push into the playoffs. At the same time, it could fall short. He could add one more impact player only to find out that the younger players actually present better options.

The Monday Coffee Shop focuses on this subject and asks readers to chime in on where Francis should be on the patience versus urgency continuum.


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Based on the moves Ron Francis has made thus far this offseason, how would you rate his work for patience versus urgency?

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Where do you think Francis should be with regard to balancing patience versus urgency?

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Which of the following moves would you still consider to improve for 2017-18 and possibly beyond? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Discussion questions


Rather than putting forward a specific set of questions, let’s do two things.


1) What are your thoughts on anything related to the patience versus urgency dilemma facing Ron Francis?

2) Add your own question on this or anything else for other readers to comment on.


Go Canes!

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