The last article in the Canes and Coffee trade deadline series is HERE in case you missed it. Rather than writing boring and probable, the article goes the route of dramatic big game hunting. While admittedly unlikely, I actually think the deals laid out make sense.


The hope is to put a couple polls up and maybe add discussion questions related to any Carolina Hurricanes deals or possibly other deals if Francis does not broker a deal, more broadly…Pull up a chair and/or check in throughout the day as we hopefully have a fun time bandying about trade possibilities leading up to the afternoon deadline.


Carolina Hurricanes poll questions

Please remember to click ‘vote’ after each individual poll response.

Tentative plan is to add a few polls as the day progresses and news breaks.


Given the high prices for primarily rental type trades thus far, to what degree is it fair to expect something from Ron Francis on Monday?

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Discussion questions


1) (For before it happens) Will Ron Francis make a trade (or more) today? If so, what?


2) If you were Ron Francis would you consider collecting more futures for some combination of Lee Stempniak and/or Derek Ryan with the aim of back filling their slots with AHL call ups?


Go Canes!

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