With a week off from the Sunday Canes Chronicle last week with the holiday weekend, this week’s edition finds the 2016-17 already a few games past the one quarter mark and the Thanksgiving holiday that has proven to be a pretty strong indicator of who will ultimately make the NHL playoffs.

Below are some articles on the quarter mark of the season and also a grab bag of some other great Canes hockey coverage from around the internet.


Carolina Hurricanes 1/4 mark assessments

Timing is great to compare and contrast different (and similar in many areas) viewpoints on the first quarter of the Carolina 2016-17 season.

Jamie Kellner at Canes Country offers this detailed statistical assessment of where the Hurricanes are right now including comparisons to the 2015-16 season.

Matt Barlowe Cardiac Cane also offers a statistics/analytics-heavy look at the Hurricanes first quarter of the season.

BarneyFife at CanesEdge comes at it from a little bit different angle providing some insight with some additional numbers but also thoughts on individual players.

Chris Vallely at Canes Chatter hands out positives and negatives for the first 20 games of the Hurricanes 2016-17 season (see post from November 27).

Finally, if you missed it on Friday, Cory Fogg wrote a feature here at Canes and Coffee that comes at it from another angle assessing what the Hurricanes need to do from here out to compete for a playoff spot.


Jake Bean

With the try out camp invites sent for the Canadian juniors tourney team, now is a great time to check in on Jake Bean who was invited to the Canadian camp (along with Nicolas Roy and Julien Gauthier).

Jason Pirie at the Calgary Hitmen’s web site checks in on Jake Bean who has been sidelined with an injury but was set to return.

Ryan Kennedy at The Hockey News puts his prognostication skills to work in predicting which of the 3 Hurricanes’ prospects will make the Canadian team.


Sebastian Aho

Daniel J. Friedman from SI.com checks in on Sebastian Aho including a good number of quotes from Hurricanes team mates.


Third period woes

Even before the Rangers’ loss on Saturday, Ben Pope from The Hockey Writers detailed the Hurricanes struggles in the third period.


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Go Canes!

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