Once the 2017-18 season wraps up, could’ves and should’ves and might’ves will be bandied around endlessly to fill another long offseason. Following on the same question in the Thursday Coffee Shop, today’s Daily Cup of Joe builds a set of questions that I and probably others would love to have answered.


For/on Ron Francis

1) What was his budget situation last summer and what if any limitations did he have in terms of making significant trades or other transactions given that the team was in the process of being sold?

Francis has taken his share of lumps for the 2017-18 season for not doing enough to improve the team last summer, but what we might never know is to what degree his hands were tied.


2) What, if any, deals did Francis have on the table or with the potential to complete last summer to add a scoring forward?

With Francis’ steadiness/stubbornness on not giving up the future, is it possible that a minor difference (upgrading a draft pick that was part of a deal or whatever) that Francis’ frugalness saved something small but lost something big?


3) With some big names with terms on their contract (Pacioretty, Karlsson, etc.) swirling around at the trade deadline, what, if any, offers did Francis make to try to land an upgrade with term past the 2017-18 season?



For/on Bill Peters

4) With no playmaking center added during the offseason, to what degree did Bill Peters consider adjusting course and shifting Sebastian Aho to center early in the season when scoring struggles first reared their head?


For/on Bill Peters and Ron Francis?

5) Who made the decision on the co-captains and what was the thought process behind it?

I continue to think that the organization missed a chance to provide a needed jolt to the locker room when it decided to name two co-captains instead of rocking the boat a bit by naming Justin Williams the captain.


6) Who had ultimate responsibility for not calling up thriving AHL players sooner, and what was the thought process in that decision?

The sample size is small, but early returns with Valentin Zykov and Warren Foegele suggest that AHL call ups could potentially have made a significant difference.


For/on Tom Dundon

7) What is the story and/or rationale for announcing Ron Francis’ removal from the general manager position at 8pm in the middle of the ACC Tourney with the local media nearly unanimously far away in New York?

Most of the other items rate higher in terms of significance for the outcome of the 2017-18 season, but this question might actually be the most interesting. There must be a story for why this went down the way it did. Did something specific happen that day that forced the decision at that point in time? Did Dundon intentionally not want the local media around such that there would be less noise? Or…or…or?


This Daily Cup of Joe is pulled together late, after the end of a long day trying to get to the holiday weekend with my head above water.


Continuing on the theme from the Thursday Coffee Shop, who has more questions on the 2017-18 season?


Go Canes!




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