I had good intentions of trying something like this more formally, but August got away from me at the end with a perfect storm of other commitments. I have half-written a training camp preview and will start that sometime this week which leaves an opening to try a bit of a reader ‘free for all’. The idea is that readers offer up a few discussion questions similar to what usually appear at the end of articles and those become discussion points.

My Monday has enough gaps such that I should be able to hop on and pull questions from the comments and put them in the article text to make it easier to keep track of things. The hope is that this generates a great round of coffee shop conversations without becoming difficult tracking what goes where.


Who has discussion questions on the topics of:


1) The beginning of training camp.


2) Sorting out the roster and line combinations and defense pairings.


From GoCanes0506:

Training camp:

How will the team respond to Brindy and his system?
How much of Brindy’s learning curve will affect how the team performs?
Was it system that truly aided Darling’s awfulness last year or was it all in his head?

Line combos:
Does Brindy stay with his lines all season or does he frequently do in game alterations?



Go Canes!

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