On February 14, Canes and Coffee posted a short article highlighting a few participants from our local hockey community who are participating in the St. Baldrick’s even at the Carolina Hurricanes game on March 17 to raise money to help end childhood cancer.

HERE you can find that article and links to make contributions to volunteers supporting this great cause.

With the mood quite sour among the Caniac Nation right now with an ill-timed losing streak and inactivity at the trade deadline, many of us are entering March on a down note and struggling to find the fun in the team and sport that we love.


Ice cream for charity!

So with the aim of helping a good cause and putting some fun into March hockey regardless of how our team fares on the ice, I put before our hockey community the “Caniac Ice Cream Challenge”.

The concept is simple. Ice cream is fun and along with other over 21 options is a great way to ease any hockey pain. So for each serving of ice cream eaten during a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game in March and documented with a picture, I will personally donate I will donate 25 cents to participants for the St. Baldrick’s event. With an official March 1 start date, there are exactly Rod Brind’Amour days until the St. Baldrick’s event at PNC Arena, so it would be tremendous to have 468 ice cream posts completed by March 17 to make a full $117 donation in time for St. Baldrick’s at PNC Arena.


Simple how-to’s

Pictures can be submitted on Twitter using #CaniacIceCreamChallenge, posted or shared to Canes and Coffee’s Facebook page or just emailed to us at canesandcoffee at gmail.com.

Suggested but not required is to make purchases at Harris Teeter and @ them in Twitter posts as a small thank you and recognition for their long-time support of Hurricanes hockey.

Road games would require a photo of a bowl or container of ice cream. Home games could also include Twisted Waffle, Dippin Dots or Breyer’s at PNC Arena. Preferred but not required for away games is to buy the ice cream at long-time Hurricanes sponsor Harris Teeter and @ them on Twitter as small recognition for supporting our hockey team.


More help please!

If you own or know of a business that might be willing to join this cause and donate $117 (or some other amount) if we make a 468 ice cream goal, please have them contact us to be included. We will do our best to provide a small amount of promotion as part of the event in return for helping this great cause.


Stanley Cup Champions Club

Successfully eating a different kind of ice cream for each and every one of the Hurricanes 17 games (16 in March plus the tune up on February 26) will officially make you a member of the Caniac Ice Cream Challenge Stanley Cup club. There will be no actual rewards for this, but it will be something that you can brag about for decades. (Might want to find a partner and share servings to keep the calorie count reasonable for this one.


I also continue to encourage everyone to consider making a small donation (the cost of a carton of a couple ice creams?) directly to one of the St. Baldrick’s participants highlighted in the original article.


The hockey thing feels ‘iffy’ right now, but “Let’s do that ice cream!”, hopefully have some fun and help a great cause in the process!


* To be clear, this is NOT coming from money donated to support the web site. (That money is pretty much spent with end of year bills anyway.) This is a personal donation by Matt Karash.
* My limit is $117.
* Pictures can be submitted on Twitter using #CaniacIceCreamChallenge, posted or shared to Canes and Coffee’s Facebook page or just emailed to us at canesandcoffee at gmail.com.
* Despite the fact that we think that overall health benefits will be positive due to lower hockey and blood pressure stress, we do acknowledge but not take responsibility for possible negative health effects from weight gain. 🙂


I got a head start in shopping yesterday. As my wife said, “This team seems to have reached triple chocolate stage all of a sudden.” 🙂


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