I have already completed a mini-tirade about Coach Bill Peters constant line shuffling and pointed out a few more specific objections in terms of decisions and process.

HERE it started with disbelief when Peters decided inexplicably to separate Skinner/Nash/Versteeg after Skinner burst out scoring-wise with this trio. (He has not scored in 4 games since.)

Then I critiqued the next set of Canes forward lines HERE (but they have since been reshuffled twice more anyway).

HERE I acknowledged some challenges with Canes current forwards and also Bill Peters’ training in Detroit not matching his situation in Raleigh.

I have actually bitten my tongue and steered away from a few more opportunities to grumble or question this process as lines have been reblended multiple more times.

I put the question to you.  If you were Hurricanes Coach Bill Peters what would you do for line combinations based on what we have seen so far?

Go Canes!

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