The Thursday Coffee Shop seeks answers for some of the most pressing questions in the land of the Hurricanes but not before a handful of poll questions to get warmed up.


Carolina Hurricanes poll questions

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Do you consider the Hurricanes treading water 5-5-3 start to be half full or half empty?

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If you could magically do one thing to improve the 2017-18 Hurricanes right now, what would it be?

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Discussion questions


1) Especially before Tuesday’s win, the mood of fans seemed lean strongly negative. But the Hurricanes 5-5-3 record is only one point out of a playoff spot if you adjust for games played (basically creating standings using points above .500). Is the Hurricanes start good, bad or somewhere in the middle?


2) What would you do to try to improve the power play?


3) Which individual player has the greatest ability to boost the fortunes of the entire team by finding a higher gear? What do you think this player needs to do to find that higher gear?


Go Canes!

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