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This week just keeps getting better. After the announcement that the team had re-signed Jaccob Slavin yesterday, news seems to be breaking that the team is being sold. The name being reported is Chuck Greenberg

Most significantly a Tweet from Jeff Gravely at WRAL says that the deal will keep the team in Raleigh.


The BEST (no exaggeration) thing that could possibly happen to the Carolina Hurricanes in 2017

If this proves to be true, it will trump any and all other good news for 2017. You can @ me on Twitter if we win the Stanley Cup next June, but I honestly think I would choose ownership stability in a way that has a long-term future over another championship.


Who is Chuck Greenberg?

I will detail his history in more detail later, but here are the key points.

–He is a professional GM/sports executive who currently owns minor league teams (Myrtle Beach Pelicans included) but probably is most known for his time as the Texas Rangers’ GM.

–Not insignificantly, he had a role in Mario Lemieux’s acquisition of the Penguins and has hockey roots despite his career being mostly in baseball.

–Also not insignificantly, he does actually have some ties to the Southeast and pending any kind of announcement of an ownership group does not seem to be directly tied to any Canadian interests.


ADDED 3:13PM ON JULY 13, 2017

Had the Hurricanes been able to schedule/choreograph this announcement (and assuming the deal is even done), they would have aimed for an announcement next week. The ACC Kickoff is today and tomorrow and has a large number of local sports news people out of town and also the local sports world focused on something else right now.

Who knows if the deal is actually even done (all reports are still saying “letter of intent”) but if it was, next week would be the target. I guess maybe that changes with the news leak and the cat already wiggling out of the bag.

Will continue to add to this log if/when news and/or confirmation emerges.



GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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