Canes and Coffee 2016-17 end of season reader survey

With the paint barely dry on the 2016-17 season, we would greatly appreciate your help as we start to think about the 2017-18 season and consider ways that we can make Canes and Coffee even better for our readers.

PLEASE take a couple minutes to share your thoughts on Canes and Coffee’s 2016-17 coverage and also offer ideas for how we can do even better in 2017-18 WHEN WE ALSO HAVE TO COVER THE PLAYOFFS!

Short survey is HERE.

Email to canesandcoffee at gmail dot com also works as does simply using the comment form on the site either now or if you ever have feedback.


Please also consider helping financially and spreading spreading the word

We also kindly ask you to consider a couple other ways that you could generously help Canes and Coffee.

First, is our fundraiser which aims to pay the few small bills we have and also provide a modest budget for some upgrades/additions this summer. Buying us a single coffee or 2 ($5-10 contributions) add up quickly. You can read about our campaign HERE if you haven’t already.

Please also help build our audience. We cannot stress enough how much the smallest of efforts help in this regard. We quite often meet dedicated Canes hockey fans who have never heard of Canes and Coffee. Because we have never had any kind of marketing budget or formal effort to build awareness, we are relying largely on word of mouth to get in front of fans. Please help.

1-2 simple gestures across a large number of people goes a long way…

Consider following us on Facebook  and sharing 1-2 posts with other Canes fans who might not have found us yet.

Send a quick email with a “have you seen this yet?” intro.

Just tell someone at a cookout this summer.

Please get in contact with us if you have connections at a Raleigh digital media site that might work with us on a joint article.


Thank you and optimism for 2017-18!

Thank you for spending part of your Canes hockey time at Canes and Coffee! We appreciate your investment of time.

We look forward to a great summer covering what should be a busy June-July with the expansion draft, NHL draft, free agency and prospect camp. And after that we will surely find a way to fill the gap before 2017-18 preseason coverage starts in earnest.

And next year we cover the Hurricanes return to the NHL playoffs!


Go Canes!

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