I went back and forth on completely taking the weekend off from writing on Canes and Coffee. (The CandC posts on Saturday including Cory Fogg’s deep dive into Canes in-process rebuilding effort were both written before the weekend.) But since I had already accumulated a few decent articles, I decided to go ahead and put up what I had for external articles this week to help tide people over until Hurricanes hockey resumes on Tuesday.


Hurricanes’ All-Stars

This week’s edition of the Section 328 podcast had Justin Faulk (among others) on as a guest and as always is worth a listen.

The team web site has video of Justin Faulk chatting with media at the NHL All-Star Game.

The team web site posted the CBS Evening News feature on another Hurricanes’ All-Star Jorge Alves.

This time last year, Chip Alexander at the News & Observer wrote an article recapping the 2011 All-Star weekend in Raleigh and bringing back memories.

Finally, Brian LeBlanc from Canes Country talks about Ron Francis being named as 1 of the NHL’s 100 greatest players of all time at the All-Star weekend festivities.


Carolina Hurricanes prospects

Kevin LeBlanc from Dobber Prospects updated his report on Sebastian Aho (who is not technically a prospect anymore but is still prospect age at 19 years old).

Craig Smith from McKeen’s Hockey offered a profile for Hurricanes’ prospect Nicolas Roy.

And here at Canes and Coffee, Saturday’s article about the post-2017-18 goaltending future for the Hurricanes discusses all of the Hurricanes’ goalie prospects.

Charles Taylor at Cardiac Cane makes a case for giving Haydn Fleury a shot at the NHL level.


Gary Bettman on prospect of the Carolina Hurricanes moving

ESPN.com offers a pretty emphatic answer from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on being questioned about the possibility of the Carolina Hurricanes moving.


Go Canes!

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