I cannot believe that the Canes and Coffee site is already one day old!  And while there are a bunch of little things to be cleaned up and some bigger things ahead, things have generally run smoothly.

A couple quick updates:

–If you have any problems with the site or even simply do not like how something works or looks and are willing to help, please send the information.  We greatly appreciate any and all feedback at this early stage of the growth of the web site.  You can use the web form at the bottom of the Home and About Us page, or you can send email to [site name] at gmail . com with no spaces dashes or anything else.

–Registration and the ability to post comments are up and running.  We have some small cleanup to do with the process, related emails and such, but functionally it is good to go.  It is going to be a bit of an adjustment, but I really want this site to grow to become conversational like a coffee shop.  Certainly, I have a viewpoint and an opinion on just about all things Canes, but the fun of being a sports fan is that everyone has their own opinion.  And the beauty of what you can do with web sites today is that unlike when I first considered launching a site a long time ago, it is now possible to for a web site to be conversational without spending $10,000s to make it happen.  Once I get caught up on some other things and maybe once we get closer to training camp, I will do everything I can to stir up some conversation, but I welcome and encourage anyone who is interested to jump in front of that.

Process-wise, the way it works is that you have to register.  We are not collecting personal information but are asking for generic (country/postal code) geographic location to get basic aggregate demographics.

–Your help spreading the word to other Caniacs and building social media metrics is greatly appreciated.  The speed at which we can continue to build the site and add features, events and other cool stuff will be dependent on generating some revenue from the site.  Right now, simply following Canes and Coffee on Twitter and/or liking us on Facebook helps greatly, and occasionally (not asking people to constantly spam their non-Caniac friends) liking a post on Facebook, retweeting a post on Twitter or simply mentioning the site to a Canes-inclined friend helps immensely.

–Fun August event is on the way.  The exact launch date is still a bit of a moving target, but we are working on an event for the site that should be fun and help us pass the most of the other 29 days of August when we are not signing Christian Ehrhoff or a playmaking forward (wishful thinking :-)).

Go Canes!


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