If you are checking back to see the pairings for the initial “Founding Fathers” bracket, you can find the write up for it HERE.

And for now, until we post them in a neater format, you can find the results HERE.

Please help spread the word to other Caniacs while we try to round up more participants when many are in hockey hibernation in August.

If you hopped straight to here and want a bit more of an introduction to ‘how it all works’, you can find that HERE.

Our Canes and Coffee summer bracket event is intended to be a jaunt down memory lane, so its starting place is appropriate – back in the very beginning of the franchise including the Greensboro years and stretching through the first magical playoff run.

The “Unsung Heroes” really is exactly as titled.  It includes an eclectic mix mostly of non-stars who played small but important roles in Hurricanes success and history.  Just for fun, we threw in a couple fun faceoffs: Enforcers, Broadcasters and Coaches.

You can find bios for each of the players competing in the first round of the Founding Fathers bracket here:

Glen Wesley (1) (coming in 2nd round)

Peter Laviolette (8) / Paul Maurice (9)

Bret Hedican (4) / Craig Adams (13)

Jesse Boulerice (5) / Kevin Westgarth (12) / Stu Grimson (5) / Darren Langdon (12)

Aaron Ward (3) (coming in 2nd round)

Kevyn Adams (6) / Jiri Tlusty (11)

Chuck Kaiton (7) / John Forslund (10)

Ray Whitney (2) (coming in 2nd round)

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