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Purchase of Carolina Hurricanes – Part 3: ‘What I’m watching’ + side effects for ownership transition

If you missed it last week, this is part 3 of a series covering the ownership transition from Peter Karmanos to new majority owner Tom Dundon. Part 1 which offered basic thoughts on Tom Dundon and the change is HERE. Part 2 which addressed the Friday press conference is HERE. The wedding which was scheduled back in early December officially happened on Thursday and Friday when the deal was finalized, announced and followed by a press conference. The honeymoon is underway and will last for awhile. But at the same time, the beginning of the next era of Hurricanes hockey is officially underway and with it the process of changing from the old one. New majority owner Tom Dundon has made it clear that he will be hands on and will move quickly in terms of implementing some changes. Most notable thus far is the announcement of a January promotion offering lower level tickets to a limited number of games for only $40. (I cannot verify that this is attributed to Dundon, but the timing suggests that it is.) We can expect changes to be rolled out as the second half of the 2017-18 season plays out. Interesting will be to watch the piecemeal changes, but more interesting will be to see how they hopefully fit into a cohesive plan to improve the team off the ice and possibly to some degree on the ice. I will use my usual ‘what I’m watching’ game preview style to stay sharp during the bye week. 🙂   ‘What I’m watching’ for the transition to owner Tom Dundon 1) Tom Dundon’s and... read more

Monday Coffee Shop: Bye week and new boss Tom Dundon

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  — Martin Luther King, Jr.   The Hurricanes start their bye week today and will be off the ice until Saturday. The timing could not be better in a few regards. The team should benefit from the break physically on multiple fronts. Brett Pesce and Derek Ryan who are out of the lineup with get a few more days to mend without missing games. Sebastian Aho who left yesterday’s game with an injury will also get those days. And the locker room should also get a chance to reset and recover from the flu that was impacting players this week. In addition, even many of the healthy players looked like they were out of gas this week and could benefit from a few days off to rest and recharge. The break will also offer a few more days for new majority owner Tom Dundon to begin his work in earnest. Minor changes have already started to pop up and a different tone was set right out of the gate in Friday’s press conference, but with the wedding now in the rear view mirror, the process of figuring out the life ahead starts now. Finally, I think many in the Canes fan base can use a few days to rest, recharge and rebuild optimism before the #CanesCoaster rushes toward its final climax in February, March and early April. Against that backdrop, the Monday Coffee Shop offers questions on Tom Dundon and the season ahead.   Carolina Hurricanes polls Please remember to... read more

Why Friday’s heartbreaking loss hurts 10X…Inside the Caniac Nation’s psyche

I have one more article half-written on Tom Dundon and the ownership transition, but that will wait until later Monday or possibly Tuesday. If you missed them late last week, you can find part one which had my initial thoughts on Tom Dundon and the ownership transition and part two which shared my thoughts on Friday’s press conference. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe will dare to step inside the debacle that was Friday night’s loss to the Washington Capitals. Anytime a home team has a win in hand like the Hurricane did on Friday and then blows that lead in multiple stages, it is not a good thing. In the NHL where most games are decided by a goal or two, late collapses like the one the Hurricanes experienced are not that out of the ordinary. And the part where a fan base, especially those in attendance, becomes some combination of frustrated, disgusted or similar is not unique to Hurricanes fans or our team’s current situation. But I do think Friday’s heartbreaking loss featured a perfect storm of circumstances that had a multiplier effect on the feelings and emotions that were attached to the loss.   1) There is no guarantee, magic or certain timeline on the ice First and foremost, the timing of the loss sent a fan base with its head up in the clouds and looking forward a bright future spiraling back to the ground with a thud. Friday afternoon featured the press conference formally and FINALLY announcing the transition of ownership that has been in process for nearly a decade. With that press conference came... read more

Gm45 Vs. Cal: Canes stumble into bye week with 4-1 loss to the Flames

Shortly after the conclusion of the Hurricanes’ 4-1 loss to the Calgary Flames on Sunday, I tweeted the following: As much as anything, I think Sunday's @NHLCanes loss is tremendous illustration of why it's so important to win games like Friday's that are in hand. Sometimes it's just not your day (Sunday), but when you also lose on days that are/could be (Friday), it snowballs quickly. — Canes and Coffee (@CanesandCoffee) January 14, 2018 A typical NHL game has any number of completely random events that can and often do dictate outcomes. That is why even good teams lose by four or more goals fairly regularly. That is why the best teams are lucky to collect 20 more points than break even over an 82-game season. And it is why on any given night any team can beat any other time. Because of the randomness ranging from hot goalies to bouncing pucks to referees  to odd deflections, some days the bounces just do not go the right way especially against good teams who also make legitimately non-lucky plays too. I think Sunday was very much one of those days for the Canes who did play at their highest level but were not bad and could benefited from a break or two. And I think Friday was the reverse with the Hurricanes finding their way to having the game in hand late. Friday’s ‘one that got away’ combined with Sunday’s ‘tough sledding’ how how important it is to capitalize when the opportunity is there.   As for the game itself… Random yammering aside, the game maybe went as one might... read more

‘What I’m Watching’ — Gm45 Vs. Cal: Canes get chance to rebound against Flames before starting the bye week

After a heartbreaking loss on Friday to the Capitals that saw the Hurricanes go from having two points in hand late in the game to one point in hand to suddenly walking away with nothing after mostly falling on their own swords, the Hurricanes get a single chance to rebound before starting their bye week on Monday. A win would be huge on multiple levels: 1) It would remove the bad taste from everyone’s mouths after Friday’s debacle. 2) It would close out the tough eight-game stretch starting with the St. Louis game with a respectable 3-4-1 mark which is only a single point shy of the break even target that I set at the beginning. 3) Most significantly, it would launch the Hurricanes into the bye week tied (based on games above .500) with the Flyers and possibly the Penguins if they also win on Sunday for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. As has been the regular theme of late, the opponent is another tough one. The Calgary Flames currently sit in a playoff spot and enter the game with an impressive six-game winning streak including three straight on the road.   ‘What I’m watching’ for the Carolina Hurricanes versus the Calgary Flames 1) Scott Darling (if he starts) I have not heard official word, but I will be surprised if Scott Darling does not get the start after playing extremely well in a big road win in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. With crunch time coming and Cam Ward sputtering a bit of late, the timing is right for Darling to retake the reins and... read more

Gm44 Vs. Was: Good day ends badly with blown win late versus the Capitals

  Fans who tuned in for the full day of Canes hockey will go to bed with an optimism that the long-term trajectory took a meaningful turn for the better today but also with an all too familiar bitter taste in their mouth from a game outcome. If you missed it during the day, I posted my notes on the afternoon press conference introducing Tom Dundon as the new majority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes. The game on Friday night was positive through about 56 minutes of action and seemed destined to be a wonderful night cap to finish off the day’s doubleheader with an impressive second consecutive win over the division-leading Washington Capitals. Then a brutal and varied sequence of events saw all of the Friday night goodness evaporate into thin air. The Hurricanes matched the Capitals in the first period and then dialed up their game to tilt the ice in the second period. When Jeff Skinner scored off the bar and in early in the third period, the ball was on the tee (Top Golf reference :-)) for a huge win. Through most of the rest of the third period, the Capitals pushed and the Hurricanes survived. And then the unfortunate series of events happened. Being pressured heading around the net, Noah Hanifin made a poor decision to try to feed the puck to the crowded middle of the ice instead of safely playing the puck up the boards to center ice. The puck found Brett Connolly’s stick moving toward the net and was quickly through Ward and into the net to give up a one-goal... read more

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ICYMI...See where CandC and readers (quick poll) land on @NHLCanes playoff chances in today's Daily Cup of Joe=>
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