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Gm18 @Tam: Canes beaten decisively by the measuring stick in 3-0 loss to the Lightning

Short recap of the Hurricanes 3-0 loss to the Lightning Whereas the first game of the ongoing four-game series saw the Hurricanes control play and win decisively in a shutout, Wednesday was exactly the opposite. Tampa Bay had the upper hand pretty much from the opening puck drop. Similar to the game on Monday, Tampa Bay was aggressive and regularly hemmed the Hurricanes in their own end. Couple that with a couple coverage break downs right in front of the net, and the Lightning were justly rewarded with a 2-0 lead in the first period. At the midway point of the game, one could have made a reasonable argument that the Hurricanes did not yet have a single good or better scoring chance. The nine shots on goal were mostly pedestrian fare for Andrei Vasilevskiy. Then the game seemed to go from bad to worse when the Hurricanes somehow converted a power play opportunity into two grade A shorthanded chances against with a breakaway and a 2-on-1. The Hurricanes did manage to find a slightly higher gear late in the second period that extended into the third period when the game opened up a bit. But even the Hurricanes best on Wednesday night at best matched the Lightning intermittently. And when finally tested a few times late in the game Vasilevskiy had the answer. An empty-netter finished the win for the Lightning at 3-0.   Questions and a bit of regular season drama A quick turnaround for game four of the series offers a decent amount of regular season drama and also poses some interesting questions. Can the Hurricanes... read more

‘What I’m watching’ — Gm18 @Tam: Evenly-contested series continues in Tampa

Note that today’s game is another early 5pm start.   After a downright impressive 4-0 win over the Lightning in the first of four games, the Hurricanes fell to a Tampa Bay team that rebounded for a 4-2 win. To the Hurricanes credit, the team survived a slow start and scratched and clawed to hang around, but in the end the Lightning were the better team and picked up a deserved 4-2 win including an empty-netter. For me, the two biggest story lines exiting that second game are the Lightning’s ability to find a higher gear and push back and the dialed up animosity as the second game wore on. Both of those feature in my watch points for game 3.   ‘What I’m watching’ for the Carolina Hurricanes versus the Tampa Bay Lightning 1) Can the Canes counterpunch After being defeated handily in the first game, the Lightning responded by picking up the pace and aggressiveness to start the next game. The result was a pretty dominant first period by Tampa Bay despite the oddity of a scoreboard with a 1-0 Canes lead. But to their credit, Tampa Bay stayed the course and were ultimately rewarded with the win that they deserved. On Wednesday, I will be watching to see if the Hurricanes can similarly use the loss to find a higher gear for the next game.   2) Actual punches Another theme from the second game was the increased level of animosity, physical play and extra jawing both during play and after the whistle. I suggested on Twitter that Andrei Svechnikov and Erik Cernak were on the... read more

Gm17 Vs. Tam: The Lightning push back and ride momentum from strong start to 4-2 win

The first of my three watch points in may game preview read: 1) Responding to a push back Be it a fast start, more physical play, frustration and old school fisticuffs or a strong push at some point during the game, I would expect Tampa Bay to push back hard at some point in this game. Regardless of what form it takes possibly being multiple, I will be watching to see how the Hurricanes respond. That very much was the story of Monday’s game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning. After a couple days probably mostly locked away in hotel rooms to mull over a second consecutive shutout loss the Hurricanes, the Lightning came out like their hair was on fire. They were fast and aggressive from the opening puck drop and pretty much throughout the first period. But a bit of desperation and a number of scrambling James Reimer saves kept Tampa Bay from scoring first as they deserved. Instead, it was Jesper Fast collecting a power play goal. Fast has incredibly consistently been creating problems for opposing goalies at the top of the crease and was finally rewarded for it with a goal. At that point, the Hurricanes had been outplayed by a wide margin but had a 1-0 lead. The first period would end with the Lightning having a decided advantage in terms of controlling play, scoring chances and just about everything else but still down 1-0 on the scoreboard. But the Lightning did not deviate from their strong play. The Hurricanes did find a higher gear in the second period and shrink the... read more

‘What I’m watching’ — Gm17 Vs. Tam: Checking if this is for real versus the Lightning

Playing the defending Stanley Cup Champions on Saturday in the first of a four-game set, the Hurricanes probably showed exactly what peak Canes hockey looks like for 2020-21. The 4-0 final was maybe inflated a little bit by an empty net goal and the fact that the the Lightning did not catch a break netting a random bounce goal or similar. But nonetheless, the game was one of the Hurricanes two best games thus far in the season. The other game that I have bookmarked as comparable is the Hurricanes similarly one-sided 4-1 win against a Dallas Stars team that entered the game playing well and sporting a perfect 4-0 mark. The Canes scoring goals in bunches has been a regular feature throughout the 2020-21 season in both better and lesser games, but what stood out in Saturday’s win over the Lightning was the suddenly sound defensive play. The Hurricanes gave up very little in terms of grade A chances and/or odd man rushes caused by puck management or defensive coverage issues. The result was the Lightning entering the offensive zone all night with no advantage or great opportunities to attack. From that came a reasonable chance to see stop pucks on nearly all Tampa Bay shot attempts. Alex Nedeljkovic was obviously very good in notching his first NHL shutout, but he was not required to be a savior or stand on his head to do so. He only needed to be solid. Meanwhile in the other direction, Tampa Bay was similarly pretty good not giving up a ton when the Hurricanes were forced to move the puck 200... read more

Crazy Canes scoring paces through 16 games

News to no one who tracks the  Carolina Hurricanes or the NHL in general is the fact that the Hurricanes are off to a tremendous start. As measured by points per game played to adjust for games in hand, the Hurricanes are second only to Toronto. Significant credit for the success has come from scoring surges throughout the lineup. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe looks at some of the crazy scoring paces currently for the Carolina Hurricanes.   (Most amounts are projected for a regular 82-game season.)   Scoring Points Using games played by individual players not the team, the Hurricanes have four forwards who are on pace for a point or more per game in Vincent Trocheck, Andrei Svechnikov, Sebastian Aho and Jordan Staal. To put that in perspective, the team has had exactly one player score more than a point per game (Sebastian Aho in 2018-19) and before the emergence of Aho and Teravainen had a run with only one or two players above 50 points.   Goals Looking at projections for goals scored is even crazier. The Hurricanes have three players with seven goals and two more with nine. Seven goals is a massive 36-goal pace, and nine goals is a 46-goal pace. In Hurricanes history, only Eric Staal (twice) and Jeff O’Neill have scored 40 goals in a season. Jiri Tlusty was on pace in the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season, and Sebastian Aho was on pace last seaon before COVID halted the season. So needless to say, two players on pace for 40-plus goals and three more pacing for 36 is incredible.   Standings Points The... read more

‘What I’m watching’ — Gm16 Vs. Tam: Four-game measuring stick series starts versus the Lightning

Through 15 games which is just past the quarter mark of the 2020-21 season, the race for the Central Division title is between three teams — the Florida Panthers, Tampa Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes. The situation is subject to change over the course of the long and winding NHL season, but as of right now those the three best teams. With some COVID schedule effects, the Hurricanes have played Tampa Bay and Florida only once each thus far. Both games finished regulation as ties and were decided in overtime with the Hurricanes picking up a great 1-0 win over the Lightning despite missing a bunch of players because of COVID protocol and the more recent overtime loss to the Panthers. On Saturday, the Hurricanes will start a run of four straight games against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The series will have something to say about the Central Division standings but maybe equally importantly the games could serve as a good early opportunity to measure just where the Canes are against the team that is arguably the slight favorite to emerge from the division in the playoffs. My watch points for tonight’s game follow.   ‘What I’m watching’ for the Carolina Hurricanes versus the Tampa Bay Lightning 1) Ability to play up to level of competition Despite the Hurricanes impressive 11-3-1 record, the team has at times played to the level of its competition but been able to emerge victorious because of the ability to score in bunches. The four-game set against the Lightning will likely not offer as much margin for error and therefor will challenge the team to... read more

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  • dmilleravid: Couldn't agree more, especially about TT. And let's not forget that TBL is almost missing Kucherov. [...]
  • lessthanstable: The Canes did fall short of the level of play the Lightning played in games 2 & 3. In game 1 [...]
  • lessthanstable: Agree with most of that. I think the fourth line was playing because they were creating more [...]
  • lessthanstable: Didn't get to see the first two periods last night due to 5pm start. Canes are struggling to [...]
  • ctcaniac: Matt. You mention Bean's two "oops" plays and note that Svechnikov and Aho looked frustrated. [...]

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March 1, 2021 at 3:01pm
ICYMI...Daily Cup of Joe for Monday considers @Canes four-game series agaings #GoBolts=>
March 1, 2021 at 8:52am
Daily Cup of Joe for Monday considers @Canes four-game series agaings #GoBolts=>
February 26, 2021 at 5:44pm
@joemccartney722 @Fergy015 @Canes Canes were better team for 2 of 4 in my book. And goaltending counts -- in a big way.

I think Canes/Lightning will be a good playoff match up. Canes can match for pace and skill. Question is if Canes top players can outplay top of Tampa lineup over 4-7 games.
February 26, 2021 at 5:31pm
@Fergy015 @Canes Agree. Odd 2020-21 schedule is interesting especially with next 2 against Florida.

But worst case scenario, being the 2nd or even 3rd best team in the division at this early stage is not horrible. What matters is April-June.
February 26, 2021 at 8:46am
ICYMI.. @Canes lost 3rd straight to #GoBolts by 3-1 mark despite strong effort and probably deserving better.

Recap/player notes are here=>
February 25, 2021 at 10:47pm
@johnburnsnc @Canes I don't think that is actually true in hockey all the time. On average, of course; but in any single game a couple bounces can make the win go the other way.

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