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My 2 cents on ‘stay or go’ at forward position

On Wednesday, Canes and Coffee posted a Coffee Shop article with a set of polls with only ‘stay’ or ‘go’ options for each of the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes forwards. Most of the results matched what I expected, but the magnitude of a couple votes did surprise me. If you are reading this early on Thursday, check back at lunchtime or later for part 2 which looks at goalies, defensemen and staff. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe offers my quick thoughts on the forward group.   Building the top 9 Core My core at forward is only Jordan Staal, Sebastian Aho, Teuvo Teravainen and Justin Williams right now. Jordan Staal is a top 6 forward capable of lining up against and quieting elite NHL scoring lines. That is very hard to replace. Sebastian Aho is an obvious choice, and Teuvo Teravainen has chemistry with Aho and makes two out of the three needed for a true top scoring line. Justin Williams is not so much untouchable because his skill set cannot be replaced. Rather, I just think the team needs all the leadership it can get as it trying yet again to rise up from a playoff miss in 2018-19.   Would require a good return to pry them loose This group includes Elias Lindholm and Brock McGinn. In the next category, I include a couple players who I would begrudgingly consider trading as part of a deal that added the offensive catalyst that the team needs. McGinn has grown to become a solid depth forward who rates high for intensity and consistency in that regard and also scores at... read more

‘What I’m Watching’ — Gm74 Vs. Ari: 2018-19 audition group grows for game against the Coyotes

On Wednesday, it was announced that Victor Rask and Brett Pesce were being shut down for the remainder of the 2017-18 season with shoulder injuries. The team recalled Roland McKeown to replace Pesce. An extra forward was already in tow, so for now Rask’s departure will just pull Joakim Nordstrom back into the lineup. The game marks the third straight against another non-playoff opponent that is also looking forward to 2018-19. The Arizona Coyotes come into the game with the third fewest points in the NHL and actually playing well in March with a 7-3-1 mark. But the opponent is irrelevant. Coming off another abysmal loss, the Hurricanes are at a point where they need to look inward and find something. The timing could not be better to add McKeown to the mix after adding Zykov for the previous game. With the team sputtering right now, I think mixing in a couple players with something to play for and a different mindset could help right now.   ‘What I’m watching’ for the Carolina Hurricanes versus the Arizona Coyotes 1) Roland McKeown McKeown has always been an interesting prospect for me. In terms of raw physical skill set, I think he is a notch below thoroughbreds who pushed up to the NHL before him. McKeown is not a bad skater; he just is not in say Hanifin’s category. And at 6 feet 1 inch tall and 195 pounds, McKeown is not undersized, but he does not quite have the ideal NHL size as the other defensemen already at the NHL level. But while physical attributes are definitely part of it, they... read more

Thoughts on the Carolina Hurricanes general manager search

It is a bit delayed from the normal Monday posting, but a new Coffee Shop post is up with ‘stay or go’ polls for the Hurricanes forwards.   The most common question I get about Hurricanes hockey right now has to do with the team’s search for a new general manager. I have written very little about it simply because I do not have much for insight on the situation past what everyone is already seeing fly across Twitter.   Trying to summarize the chain of events Hearing that Carolina had preliminary phone call with Mike Futa (LA) Friday; also believe Hurricanes have reached out to former Canucks AGM Laurence Gilman. Belief is Carolina has reached out to Nashville regarding Paul Fenton and Tampa regarding Julien Brisebois, obvious names.. — Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) March 10, 2018 A few other names were added to the list, and then it seemed to immediately start shrinking. Hearing that Mike Futa, concerned about the search being in the middle of LA’s playoff race, has “respectfully withdrawn” his name from consideration for the CAR GM job — Elliotte Friedman (@FriedgeHNIC) March 13, 2018 Hearing this afternoon that Nashville's Paul Fenton has withdrawn his candidacy for the Carolina GM job. — Elliotte Friedman (@FriedgeHNIC) March 16, 2018 Heard tonight that NJ's Tom Fitzgerald also pulled out of the CAR GM search. Reached for comment, he said, "This is nothing against Tom Dundon. I am very happy in New Jersey and this is not the right time for me." — Elliotte Friedman (@FriedgeHNIC) March 17, 2018 I believe that leaves the Carolina GM candidates as: Mike... read more

Thursday Coffee Shop (a day early): Stay or go — Part 1: Forwards

I had good intentions of putting this up for the Monday Coffee Shop, but I hit one of those busy stretches where life got in the way. With the 2017-18 mostly falling to pieces down the stretch, one can bet that the removal of Ron Francis from the general manager position will not be the only change between now and when the 2018-19 training camp opens. In two parts, the Coffee Shop will be holding open auditions for the general manager position via a set of polls and related discussion on the full set of Hurricanes hockey personnel. Part 1 is the forwards with simple ‘stay or go’ polls. Check back on Thursday for a similar set of polls for the goalies, defensemen and staff.   Carolina Hurricanes ‘stay or go’ polls Please remember to click vote after each individual poll response.   Sebastian Aho Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Phil Di Giuseppe Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Marcus Kruger Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Elias Lindholm Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Brock McGinn Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Joakim Nordstrom Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Victor Rask Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Derek Ryan Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Jeff Skinner Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Jordan Staal Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Lee Stempniak Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Teuvo Teravainen Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Justin Williams Stay Go View Results  Loading ...   Broader discussion   1) Which forwards would you... read more

Gm73 Vs. Edm: Who says a team is limited to one capitulation implosion? Canes lose 7-3 to Oilers

Times continue to be tough for the team and the part of the fan base that is so loyal as to stay on the ship even as it is sinking in a horrible way for the 2017-18 season. There was brief reprieve with a road win on Sunday, but the past three trips to PNC Arena have been nothing short of brutal, and the team has now lost four straight and seven out of the last eight at home. The scene has become such a train wreck that this point that sorting through individual details mostly seems to miss the point. I am on record from one week ago after the abysmal loss to the Bruins as saying that the season was over and that the time was now to cut ties with Bill Peters with the aim of keeping the remainder of the season from sucking energy from the team going forward. I still think that is the best path forward, though the situation is complicated by the bigger picture. Tom Dundon is in a really tough spot right now. It could not be more obvious that Peters has lost this team, but with no @NHLCanes GM & building rumblings/impression that Dundon is too hands on, firing Peters is another step in that direction. — Canes and Coffee (@CanesandCoffee) March 21, 2018 As for the game on Tuesday, at a high level the game was a loosely played game by two non-playoff teams who largely showed why they were in the non-playoff part of the NHL standings. Break downs and loose plays at least offered sugary entertainment in... read more

Still waiting for first-round potential to convert

With the Carolina Hurricanes on the brink of missing the playoffs for the ninth straight season, there are countless ways to slice and dice the data to come up with causes. When I work through the Hurricanes roster, the team seems deeper than it was a few years ago both at the NHL level and in terms of its prospect pool. But while the Hurricanes might be increasing their ability to fill out the bottom part of the roster, there are still gaps in the top half. In my series a short time ago, I identified holes in the top 6 forward group and also in the top 4 on defense. There are multiple avenues to fill such slots. Trades and free agent signings are a possibility, but the prices are high and the odds low of obtaining players who legitimate slot at the very top of a lineup. As proven by Sebastian Aho, Jaccob Slavin and Brett Pesce, it is possible to get top players in later rounds of the NHL draft. But the one area that offers the most promise if the first round of the NHL draft. And in terms of identifying reasons for the Hurricanes continued struggle to push up above the midway point of the standings and into the playoffs, the lack of realized production from the first round of the draft is worth considering.   Not since Jeff Skinner in 2010 Counting realized results and not potential and projections, I think it is fair to say that the Carolina Hurricanes have not netted a pure top half of the roster player with a first-round... read more

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ICYMI...Today's Daily Cup of Joe has #Canes-centric preview for 7 Canes prospects in #CHL playoffs which started on Thursday=> #OHL #WHL
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