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Five Carolina Hurricanes’ hockey opinion quick hitters — Jeff Skinner, Noah Hanifin, Aho/Teravainen and more

Today’s Daily Cup of Joe takes a minute to offer up a batch of Canes hockey opinion quick hitters. (Not in any particular order)   1) I think the fan base is greatly overestimating the probability that the team will trade the #2 draft pick and the chance to draft Andrei Svechnikov.  Every year, the same thing happens. Teams with the top few picks say that they would consider trading their high pick for the right deal. The right deal is something crazily exorbitant. As such, while their might be some maneuvering with mid-late first round picks, the top few picks are never moved. In addition, talking about draft trades is fun, so it is significantly overblown in the media. I feel like our fan base thinks this is a 50/50 chance. I think the reality is more like 99/1 that the Canes keep and use the #2 draft pick.   2) I think the Hurricanes fan base underestimates how sizable the gap was between high-end “scorer” and high-end “player” as relates to Jeff Skinner’s 2017-18 season and therefore prospects for the future. Yes yes…The team needs scoring, and even in a down season, Jeff Skinner notched 24 goals to finish second on the team for the 2017-18 season. But as his scoring stalled a bit and he regressed in terms of risk/reward decision-making and attention to detail without the puck, he became a minus player in terms of winning hockey games. The team could replace the 2017-18 version of Skinner with a reasonably sound 18 goal scorer and be better off. The question is whether Skinner can both... read more

Do the answers lie within? Part 2B: Seeking gains from returning players (forwards)

Today’s Daily Cup of Joe is part 2B of what became a three-part series that suggests that the path higher in the standings and up into the playoffs could very well be hiding within the current roster. Part one took a somewhat painful look backward into a 2017-18 season that on average did not see the team improve from the 2016-17 campaign.  Part 2A considered a possibilities at goalie and on the blue line for the team to improve from within as young players continue to grow and veterans who slipped in 2017-18 look to rebound. Today’s part 2B considers forwards currently on the roster who could have more to give in 2018-19.   Forwards Jeff Skinner Arguably at the top of the list whose production was down in 2017-18 but rise and be a gain in 2018-19 is Jeff Skinner. Skinner surged late to reach 37 goals in 2016-17 but then fell to 24 goals in 2017-18. At a basic level, the Hurricanes 24th ranked offense would benefit from a rebound and his 2016-17 goal total. But the Holy Grail would be if Skinner found chemistry with a pair of line mates and could boost not just his production but that of an entire line. The questions with Jeff Skinner run the gamut. Could the coaching change be all he needs to reach a higher level? Would he benefit from better line mates, or is he just an independent offensive entity? Would higher scoring actually help his defensive play like in 2016-17 because he presses less to score? Or is he destined to be a good up and down offensive... read more

Do the answers lie within? Part 2A: Seeking gains from returning players (goalies and defensemen)

Today’s Daily Cup of Joe is part two of a two-part series that suggests that the path higher in the standings and up into the playoffs could very well be hiding within the current roster. Part one took a somewhat painful look backward into a 2017-18 season that on average did not see the team improve from the 2016-17 campaign. Today’s part two considers a long list of possibilities for the team to improve from within as young players continue to grow and veterans who slipped in 2017-18 look to rebound. Simply because my Thursday ran out of time before I got to this, I will do it as part 2A for goalies and defensemen and part 2B (hopefully for Monday) for the forwards.   Goalie Scott Darling Assuming he is not traded or bought out (which is the party line from team management so far), Scott Darling arguably represents the greatest potential for a single player to improve and pull the entire team forward with him. Despite struggling, Bill Peters and the team committed about as long as it could hitching the team to Darling in 2017-18. It was not until December that the Canes started to shift to Ward as the starter. As such, Darling started about half of the team’s games and was largely a liability in doing so. But here’s the thing…Darling is not a young goalie who has yet to prove he could play well at the NHL level. Though the sample size is somewhat limited, Darling did prove that he is capable of playing well at the NHL level. My fear is that the... read more

Do the answers lie within? Part 1: Assessing the 2017-18 Hurricanes roster in brief

Yesterday’s Daily Cup of Joe had both ‘reasons to keep’ and ‘reasons to trade seven core players from the Carolina Hurricanes 2017-18 roster.  I do think a change or two to the core could be a key ingredient to improving for the 2018-19 season, and I also think that a key addition or two possibly from the trades would help the process.   Gauging improvement from 2016-17 to 2017-18 But I also think that there are enough players with more to give on the current roster such that a significant amount of improvement is possible from the existing roster. As much as some (including myself) want to focus on the exciting possibilities like trades and additions, a quick player by player assessment of the 2017-18 roster shows why the Hurricanes did not make the playoffs. The young group in most cases did not improve from 2016-17. I have good intentions of doing more in-depth player by player assessments for the 2017-18 season but below is the bullet point version of it.   The blue line I think Jaccob Slavin took a small step backwards. He had a stretch of lesser play in the middle of the season, was a weak link on the penalty kill and did not make any gains offensively. Brett Pesce had a comparable season but has yet to find a higher gear offensively. To be clear, both players had decent 2017-18 campaigns and fit nicely in the plan going forward, but I would not say that they were significantly better in 2017-18. Noah Hanifin made strides offensively but has yet to elevate his defensive play such... read more

Carolina Hurricanes trade winds blowing

It is no secret that the Carolina Hurricanes will aim to make changes to a 2017-18 roster that was not good enough to make the playoffs. Tom Dundon said as much at the end of the season. And that direction simply makes sense given the need to improve and hopefully find a combination of changes that also help generate a winning culture. So the concept of the Hurricanes making most of the roster potentially available for the right price is not outlandish. But today when TSN’s Bob McKenzie put a spin on the situation that made it seem aggressive and borderline fire sale, the Twitter part of the Hurricanes hockey universe reacted. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe grabs the bull by the horns and identifies reasons to keep and reasons to trade not just depth players but rather a handful of players who would represent more significant deals.   Goalie Scott Darling With three years of contract at $4.1 million per season and coming off a really tough 2018-19 campaign, Scott Darling has negative trade value. As such, any deal would require that the Hurricanes retain salary and likely still pay in trade assets to unload Darling. Reasons to keep: The cost to unload him is likely just to high right now. Keeping Darling for at least the 2018-19 season helps in two ways. First and ideal would be if he rebounded under Brind’Amour’s coaching regime, he could suddenly be worth at least most of his salary. With all of Anton Khudobin, Eddie Lack and to some degree Cam Ward struggling under Peters, there is at least a possibility... read more

Burning questions for the Carolina Hurricanes for the offseason

With the 2018 NHL Playoffs now a couple games deep into the Conference Finals, the offseason is rapidly approaching. On the path to the offseason frenzy which starts in earnest in June, the Hurricanes have already been busy rebuilding its front office, firing and replacing the head coach, winning the #2 overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft and even making a trade already. With a new owner, a significant change in management and another playoff miss in the rear view mirror, the team has many questions that must be answered this summer hopefully on the path to finally making a return to the playoffs for the 2018-19 season. I preface my list of questions by saying that I think the Hurricanes will need to improve primarily from the existing roster reaching a higher level or true player trades that see the team give up a player of value to obtain one back. I think those who think the team can keep what it has and somehow add 2-3 significant players without subtraction are misguided. As such, my list of ‘burning questions’ is heavy on trying to locate potential improvement from the current roster and the prospect pool. With that, here is a sizable list of burning questions to be addressed this summer:   1) Which, if any, top half of the roster players depart and for what in return? The one thing that seems inevitable is change. I will be most surprised if the Hurricanes just forge forward through the summer and return to the ice in September with mostly the same group. The burning question is who... read more

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