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North Carolina FC and the Carolina Hurricanes – Raleigh sports fans unite!

For anyone who does not appreciate my one-day diversion from 100% Canes hockey, 100% of the time, please feel free to skip to the bottom, below the divider, where you will find a few Hurricanes notes.   Wednesday is a big day for North Carolina FC and North Carolina Courage soccer Last week, I switched over the banner on the Canes and Coffee Twitter handle to a #919toMLS banner in support of the Major League Soccer (MLS) visit to Raleigh this week as they consider North Carolina FC’s application to receive an MLS team. Wednesday is a huge day for North Carolina FC with a rally in downtown Raleigh for the team and its MLS bid. Especially if you are in downtown Raleigh and free around 4pm, I encourage you to do a good deep for a soccer brothers and sisters and participate in the North Carolina FC rally.   Important disclaimer on everyone choosing his/her fandom At the most basic level, I think everyone should be a fan of whatever he/she chooses, at whatever level of commitment he/chooses and in whatever way he/she enjoys. At the end of the day, sports are fun and entertainment, so it is not for one person to tell another what the right way is. So from the angle of sharing my thoughts but fofonot telling other people what they should think, here are a couple reasons that Carolina Hurricanes consider trying and possibly supporting North Carolina FC and North Carolina Courage soccer if they have not already.   It’s fun (in my opinion) At the end of the day, no one is... read more

Carolina Hurricanes’ transformation at forward nearly complete

For anyone who missed it last week or as a reminder to those who did, Canes and Coffee will be turning the website over to readers and guest writers starting sometime next week. Here is your chance to write an article on the Carolina Hurricanes.   When Ron Francis was named the general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes following the 2013-14 season, the situation was a challenging one. The team had just finished 25th out of 30 teams in the NHL and had missed the playoffs for the fifth straight season. Francis’ mantra from the very beginning was to build from within and establish organizational depth that would enable the team to not just return to the playoffs but also do so in a sustainable way that would yield regular playoff visits.   The transformation on defense and in net The transformation that had to occur took form rapidly on the blue line when during the summer of 2015 Noah Hanifin was added in the 2015 draft and jumped straight to the NHL and was soon accompanied by Brett Pesce and Jaccob Slavin who more or less parachuted straight from NCAA hockey into the NHL and landed pretty quickly in top 4 roles. In goal, Francis made an early attempt to shore up the position when he added Eddie Lack, but that move did not yield the hoped for results. Scott Darling represents a ‘go for the best’ second try to solidify the position.   A 2014-15 starting point light on top 9 talent at the forward position Once the blue leaped forward ahead of schedule, the forward position... read more

Canes catch up: Marian Hossa, Martin Necas and Paul Schonfelder

If you missed it last week, Canes and Coffee is opening up the site for what will hopefully be a fun week of reader submitted articles. See details here on how to submit and article for consideration.   If you were counting on a typical slow mid-July stretch news-wise last week and checked out early, you missed an eventful second half of the week in terms of Hurricanes hockey news and rumors. Last Wednesday, Jaccob Slavin was extended for seven years at $5.3 million per year on Wednesday. I provided my initial thoughts on Slavin and that transaction HERE. Then on Thursday, a rumor broke on Thursday that the Hurricanes were close to being sold for something in the neighborhood of $500 million. On Saturday, I posted round two of my thoughts on that potential deal including links to my first article and also the primary sources for the initial rumors HERE. For anyone who wants to dig into either topic in more detail, yesterday’s Sunday Canes Chronicle featured links to a whopping 13 articles on these two subjects.   Buried beneath the big news stories last week were a few new developments and also a couple other notes that have piled up over the past week or so, so today’s Daily Cup of Joe is a Canes catch up of sorts on a grab bag of topics.   Marian Hossa There are recent rumors that the Carolina Hurricanes have been in discussions to trade for Marian Hossa. The move is another of the salary cap world oddities. To catch anyone up who is not familiar with the situation,... read more

Monday Coffee Shop: What to make of the potential Hurricanes sale

Rumors from Thursday afternoon sent the Canes hockey world spinning. After years of being in limbo, confirmed activity (Peter Karmanos did say he had an offer) and the mere possibility of closure was news in itself. If you are catching up, you can find our article from Saturday with the latest analysis on the developing situation and also links to the source articles HERE. You can also find a batch of external reading on the potential sale in the Sunday Canes Chronicle HERE. Today’s Monday Coffee Shop will offer a chance for everyone to bandy around the ownership situation, existing rumors and best guesses for an end point.   Carolina Hurricanes poll questions Please remember to click ‘vote’ after each individual poll response.   How significant is the ownership transition in the Carolina Hurricanes' path forward? Incredibly. Resolving the ownership issue would trump even winning another Stanley Cup. Somewhat. It does need to be resolved, but building a winning team and improving attendance are more important and not necessarily linked to ownership. 'Meh' not that significant. It is all about winning. If the team wins, attendance will improve and everything else will get resolved favorably in due time. Other (add in comments) View Results  Loading ...   What is your wild guess for what Thursday and Friday's rumors mean? What are the chances that a deal close to Thursday's rumors is announced soon? 90-ish percent or more. Where there is smoke, there is fire. A deal imminent and likely to close soon. 50-ish percent. There is obviously a possibility, but I would not count chickens before they are hatched. 30-ish... read more

Sunday Canes Chronicle: Big deals (Jaccob Slavin) and then maybe BIGGGG deals (Chuck Greenberg?)

Waking up Monday a full week past the start of NHL free agency, the off-season seemed very clearly headed into the desert of the off-season when news is sparse and many days are just better designed for taking a small break from Canes hockey to recharge for the next season. Monday and Tuesday met that expectation, but after that things became interesting and then downright wild. On Wednesday, the Hurricanes announced a deal that extended Jaccob Slavin and stretched his commitment to a Carolina Hurricanes uniform to eight years counting the one year remaining on his existing contract. Then just when the Hurricanes hockey community was coming off the high from Wednesday and dialing back down to mid-July hockey nothingness, even bigger news or almost news anyway lit Canes Twitter up like Fourth of July fireworks. In the middle of the afternoon on Thursday, a rumor popped on Twitter saying that the Hurricanes were close to being sold to Chuck Greenberg for something in the neighborhood of $500 million. Not surprisingly this week’s version of Sunday Canes Chronicle features a heavy dose of Jaccob Slavin, Chuck Greenberg and the possibility of the team being sold.   Jaccob Slavin and his seven-year extension’s NHL Tonight appropriately featuring the owner of the greatest save in Hurricanes history, Kevin Weekes, discussed the Slavin deal and finished with a short video interview with Slavin from his car. Cory Lavalette from the North State Journal wrote about the Slavin signing including a few quotes from both Jaccob Slavin and Ron Francis. Andrew Schnittker at NC State’s Technician shared his thoughts on why he... read more

Chuck Greenberg and a Carolina Hurricanes potential sale — Round 2: Re-handicapping the situation after Friday

On Thursday, about 4-5 hours after the rumor of a Carolina Hurricanes sale popped on Twitter, I wrote a fairly detailed article that covered the Carolina Hurricanes ownership and Chuck Greenberg on multiple levels mostly focused on the business impact inside the organization if the deal occurred.  Since then the Friday work day has passed without any definitive conclusion to the situation. But we do have new information to consider since the original article. To be clear, I do not have any inside information, nor do I pretend to be capable of predicting the current details or ultimate end point based on a partial set of information that includes significant unverified details. Disclaimer aside, there are new clues to consider that do shed a tiny bit more light on the situation.   Peter Karmanos speaks Toward the end of the day Thursday only hours after the rumor broke, Peter Karmanos responded in a written statement that read: “Since an offer has been made to purchase the team, Mr. Karmanos intends to evaluate that offer and also will continue to evaluate his other options, including retaining his ownership of the team.” Matt’s take: Most significant at the top level is the fact that Peter Karmanos formally acknowledged that there is a deal on the table. That, in itself, is significant. Exactly what the situation is became murkier (see below), but publicly-known fact that the team is for sale coupled with the fact that Karmanos now has an offer is a necessary start to a deal happening. In terms of the specifics of Karmanos’ comments, I guess the “…including retaining his... read more

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