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A Pair of 3’s — By Craig Johnson

Canes Art provided by Chris Clark.   Today Canes and Coffee’s reader and guest website takeover moves forward into its fourth and final day. If you are catching up, reader articles include: David Miller with a deep dive on the Canes salary cap through 2019-20; Randy Yale’s top five plays of the 2016-17 season; Brandon Stanley with his thoughts on the play of the Hurricanes prospects at camp in late June.   Guest writer articles include: Bob Wage from Canes Edge writing about the potential attendance benefits of an ownership change; Ben Pope sharing the incredible cool start to his writing career as Mark Jones at the age of 12; Corey Sznajder formerly from The Shutdown Line with a deep statistical dive on the Hurricanes’ blue line. Today’s reader article is courtesy of Craig Johnson and has two sets of three – one of players on the spot and another of rookies who could make the jump. Please also be sure to check back for a special guest article that takes a fun trip down Carolina Hurricanes memory lane.   About the Author Craig Johnson (Twitter=@cwjohnson23) grew up in Virginia where he played dangerously thin ice pond hockey on a nearby pond those couple of times a year when it froze over. The Capitals were his team by geography, but they were pretty horrible and tough to follow. Fast forward to 2000 when Craig and his family moved from Wilmington to Raleigh. A good friend took him to a couple of Hurricanes games (his company had killer seats) and Craig was hooked. For the 17 years since, Craig has... read more

Stats-based analysis of the Hurricanes blue line — By Corey Sznajder

Canes Art provided by Chris Clark. Matt’s Introduction: If you are catching up and want to see the other articles for Canes and Coffee’s reader/guest week, you can find links in the other Wednesday article HERE. Wednesday’s guest article for reader/guest week at Canes and Coffee is another great one that lives at the cutting edge of today’s NHL and at the same time harkens back to Canes hockey coverage from years past. The author, Corey Sznajder, is busy working on an NHL microstats project to collect and publish a database of microstats for the 2016-17 season, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if he would be interested in writing a guest post. Somewhat to my surprise, he agreed. Corey’s formal bio is below, but please also allow me to introduce him from my Hurricanes hockey fan viewpoint. Nowadays those of us who are passionate hockey fans see quite a bit of statistical information, analytics and visual representations for players. It has become common enough that it almost seems like this analysis has always been commonplace when in fact the reality is that the advent (or at least the surge) of fancy stats, analytics and similar in the public domain is really only about 4-6 years old. And back in the early pioneering days of this movement, Hurricanes fans were incredibly lucky to have a knowledgeable tour guide in Corey Sznajder. He started incorporating Corsi, other shot total and other analysis in his writing at his blog The Shutdown Line early on. I have always viewed Corey as the first leader and teacher on this front in... read more

‘The future is bright’ prospect camp player evaluations — By Brandon Stanley

Today Canes and Coffee’s reader and guest website takeover moves forward into day three. If you missed Monday and Tuesday, reader articles include David Miller with a deep dive on the Canes salary cap through 2019-20 and Randy Yale’s top five plays of the 2016-17 season. Guest writer articles include Bob Wage from Canes Edge writing about the potential attendance benefits of an ownership change and Ben Pope sharing the incredible cool start to his writing career as Mark Jones at the age of 12. Today’s reader article rewinds about one month and provides another viewpoint on individual players at the the Hurricanes’ prospect camp.   About the Author Brandon Stanley (Twitter=@brandon_stan63) is a Raleigh native dating back to 1994, which also happens to be his birth year. He is also Carolina Jr. Hurricanes alum and massive stats/prospects/all things Canes nerd. Hockey has been a huge part of his life since about 5 years old, and he really enjoys in-depth looks at whatever is available, such as the Hurricanes’ prospect camp.   Scouting day two of the Hurricanes’ prospect camp My pop was in town and we had an open afternoon, so we hit PNC Arena to have a look at day two of the Hurricanes’ prospect camp practice. This is a write-up I put together that day, and I hope it helps give a little insight from one (self-proclaimed knowledgeable) fan as to what is in store for the future of our Carolina Hurricanes. Count me as excited about the group of talent GMRF has put together. The size, skill, and competition at this year’s Carolina Hurricanes’ Prospect Development... read more

The Story of Mark Jones — By Ben Pope

If you missed it earlier today, check out Randy Yale’s reader article that lists his top 5 plays of the 2016-17 season and the optimism each provides for 2017-18   About the Author Ben Pope (Twitter=@CanesReport) is a former Hurricanes columnist and beat reporter for the News & Observer, Today’s Slapshot and Bleacher Report. He is now a student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and the summer editor-in-chief of The Daily Northwestern student newspaper.   The story of Mark Jones One of the best compliments I’ve ever received came while standing at a urinal in the United Center in Chicago. It was January 6th, 2017, moments after the Blackhawks had defeated the Hurricanes 2-1 in a game that, as the Chicago postgame radio commentators openly acknowledged to the crowds as they ventured into the 10-degree night, the Hurricanes deserved to win. A drunken man peeing next to me noticed my extremely out-of-place Carolina jersey and asked why I had left the warm weather. I said I went to Northwestern. He replied, slurring, “Oh, so you’re one of those smart motherf**kers.” I, admittedly, left out one key detail — urinal talk and details, after all, don’t often mix. I left out that the only reason I was at smart, motherf**king Northwestern was because of the team he had just watched his Blackhawks beat. (I also left out that the only reason I did not buy the fifth-row seat I sat in, but rather maneuvered there through careful Stubhub monitoring, evasion of ushers and ignoring a very urgent need to visit a urinal, was because of the exponential, motherf**king Northwestern tuition,... read more

My five favorite Hurricanes plays of the 2016-17 season and why they have me excited for 2017-18 — By Randy Yale

Canes Art on main page generously provided by Chris Clark.   In case you are catching up, this week at Canes and Coffee is “tap takeover” week if you will with both reader and guest articles filling up the website. Things kicked off in earnest on Monday with a great detailed analysis of the Hurricanes salary cap situation out to 2019-20 by reader David Miller. That article was followed up by a guest post by Bob Wage from Canes Edge in which he offered his thoughts on the potential attendance boost that an ownership change could yield. We even melded the two together for a Monday Coffee shop with polls and discussion questions also focused on the Hurricanes’ financials looking forward.     About the Author Randy Yale (CandC=ctcaniac) grew up in Raleigh, received his undergraduate degree from NC State, attended graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, and earned a graduate degree from Duke in 2005. His job then relocated him to Connecticut in 2006 (I was actually interviewing as the Canes were winning the Stanley Cup). So while I made the team’s move in reverse, my family (wife Tracy, son Jacob, and daughter Marcos) and I remain committed Caniacs.   First, let me say that one moment surpassed all last season: Bryan Bickell putting the puck in the net in the shootout the last time he touched it in the NHL.  But I am not eloquent enough to say more about that moment.   The list below reflects plays when I thought to myself “that was special.”  I have re-watched all of them, most more than twice.  As the new... read more

Monday Coffee Shop: The Hurricanes near-term financial future (through 2019-20)

Today kicks off reader and guest week at Canes and Coffee, so rather than pairing the Monday Coffee Shop with the Daily Cup of Joe, today’s polls and discussion questions stem from the two articles posted today. Reader David Miller offers a detailed three-year straw man projection for the Hurricanes’ salary cap through the 2019-20 season. And guest Bob Wage from Canes Edge suggests that attendance could see any immediate boost with a change in ownership.   Carolina Hurricanes polls Please remember to click ‘vote’ after each individual poll response.   What, if any, effect do you think a change in ownership would have on attendance short-term? No effect. Attendance will improve when the team starts winning. Small effect. Removal of the ownership uncertainty will pull back a few fans who have left recently. Medium effect. Removal of the ownership uncertainty and a new buzz around the team will produce a moderate but noticeable increase in ticket sales. Big effect. The buzz surrounding new ownership will create a significant buzz that immediately generates the excitement necessary to make sizable gains in attendance. View Results  Loading ...   What will it take for the Carolina Hurricanes to push up significantly off the salary cap floor in terms of budget in the next few years? (Select single most significant factor.) Improved attendance during the regular season to increase revenue. Playoffs and the higher per game revenue bonus that comes with them. A new ownership group with a willingness to invest in the team. Players coming off of inexpensive contracts and forcing the budget higher. Other (add in comments) None of the... read more

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ICYMI...Today's reader article for #Canes & Coffee's site takeover week is "A Pair of 3's" (by @cwjohnson23)=>

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