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An early look at building the 2020-21 Carolina Hurricanes

Today’s Daily Cup of Joe takes an early look at building the 2020-21 Carolina Hurricanes. To be clear this is not commentary on the likelihood of the 2019-20 season resuming. It is just an interesting topic for discussion in my opinion.   The budget Before the world changed, estimates were that the NHL salary cap would increase significantly by $4 to $7 million. Increasingly, a flat salary cap seems more likely with most, if not all, of 18 percent of the regular season lost and likely the playoffs to be abbreviated if they occur at all. As noted in my Daily Cup of Joe yesterday that looked at impacts from the suspended 2019-20 season, the Hurricanes are actually positioned well for this and could actually benefit from it. The Hurricanes will net some salary cap relief from clearing Patrick Marleau’s salary and the small portion of Justin Faulk’s that was retained. Those two contracts clear almost $7 million without the need to replace a player. And the vast majority of the team’s top players are already under contract. From the current roster, the Canes have only Warren Foegele to re-sign and Justin Williams to re-sign or replace. On defense, the Hurricanes already have five defensemen under contract for the 2020-21 season with the need to re-sign Haydn Fleury who is a restricted free agent. Only Joel Edmundson and Trevor van Riemsdyk are unrestricted free agents. When one nets it out, the Hurricanes will not need much of the $7 million freed up to maintain the status quo. Most of it should be available to either add players outright or... read more

Checking In with Brandon Stanley: Welp (February/early March update)

The roller coaster of a year continues. Last time out I spoke of a wild ride that had skyrocketed heading down the stretch. The Checkers were playing at an extremely high level, showcasing their depth, flexing their muscle as one of the best teams in the AHL. Then, well, we all know what happened: NHL Trade Deadline Day. Gone are Kuokkanen, Gauthier, Priskie, and Luostarinen, plus veteran defenseman Fredrik Claesson. Geekie was called up (and made a huge splash, eh? Love the kid, but didn’t see this coming). Both goalies spent time in Raleigh, though Ned is now back. And now, I’m looking around the roster, and on many occasions asking… who? This is a business, and competing for a Calder Cup is a long way from Waddell and co.’s mind when trying to maneuver to bring a Stanley Cup back to Raleigh. I think the team has successfully put itself in better position moving forward, as Skjei is going to fit in nicely on an already-deep blue line with his grit and skating ability, Trocheck is a good middle-six center that fits the Canes’ system and is a rock-solid placeholder for when (if?) Necas moves to the middle, and Vatanen is going to add a much-needed offensive dynamic from the back end when (… if?) he finally gets on the ice, while also providing a balancing effect as a right-hand shot. But we aren’t here to talk about the big club; I guess, maybe, this has just been my way of avoiding talking about the losses of my large adult children. It stings a bit to watch so... read more

2019-20 NHL suspension’s effects on the Carolina Hurricanes…plus fluid plans for Canes and Coffee

Quick (will become regular focus) public service comments on COVID-19 pandemic I do not plan to use this platform to cover the COVID-19 pandemic or to pretend that I am an expert on what we should or not be doing right now. That said, I feel like I have an obligation to say something and will use that to say two quick things. 1) Please consider this as an opportunity to constantly pick a couple small spots to do something to help someone else right now. What that looks like is completely different for all of us. Maybe it is helping out your local restaurants by buying gift cards or ordering takeout. Maybe it is helping elderly neighbors make sure they get what they need. Maybe it is making a monetary donation or two to charities who help people in need right now. Find your own spots. 2) If we reach a point where we realize that maybe we did too much to slow the pandemic and minimize its effects, that will be at worst a minor inconvenience. If instead we reach a point where we did not do enough, the toll on everyone’s lives could be massive. Please consider erring significantly on the side of caution and doing your part to charting a path to better not worse. Again, I promise not to make Canes and Coffee a site for COVID-19 coverage or recommendations. There are plenty of capable media covering that obviously.   Fluid plans for Canes and Coffee   As for Canes and Coffee and Canes hockey coverage, to say that we are in uncharted waters... read more

Day off? Open reader discussion in comments?

For anyone who could use some lighthearted Canes reading, here is a link to an article from a while back that compiled a reasonably thorough list of John Forslund-isms from the team’s TV broadcasts. I have a half-written article that looks at impacts of season being suspended for the NHL in total, the Hurricanes 2019-20 season and also going forward, but timing does not seem right to jump straight into that after quite an eventful couple days. Tentative plan is to finish/post that for Monday and to continue covering the team during the layoffs. For today, it is either a day off or a chance for readers to start their own discussions in the comments.   Wash your hands and stay safe y’all!   Go... read more

Great Canes’ moments of the past 2 years

After a difficult day for the world yesterday, today’s Daily Cup of Joe offers a tiny bit of levity in trying to collect (with readers’ help) the absolute best moments of the Carolina Hurricanes from the past two seasons. Requirements are that it needs to be more of a ‘moment’ captured in a minute-ish or ideally less, so this is not looking for full games. Please add to the list in the comments or ping us on Twitter to have yours added. In no particular order but loosely categorized….   2018-19 regular season stretch run Petr Mrazek coming way out to clear a puck in overtime to be followed by an overtime game-winner shortly thereafter. The team’s reaction when they were on the ice after a win and Montreal lost to officially clinch a playoff berth. (Could also include Mrazek’s interview as the game’s first star.)   2019 NHL playoffs Warren Foegele’s first period goal in the first period of game 3 against the Washington Capitals that marked the return of playoff hockey to Raleigh and started a 5-0 route. Brock McGinn’s overtime game-winner in game 7 against the Washington Capitals and his leaping celebration afterward. Jordan Staal’s overtime game-winner in game 1 against the New York Islanders.   2019-20 regular season Andrei Svechnikov becomes the first player in NHL history to score a lacrosse goal against the Calgary Flames. Justin Williams scores in the seventh round of the shootout to win the game and put an exclamation point on his return to hockey. David Ayers being congratulated by team mates after a most improbable win in Toronto. Morgan... read more

Seeking (and finding?) forward depth scoring

Many years ago, NHL teams had three lines of hockey players and a line of limited function penalty killers and goons. Those days are of course gone, and good teams stock all 12 forward slots with players capable of putting the puck in the net. But find true four line depth can be elusive. Injuries disrupt things. There is still sometimes a need to reserve a slot or two for penalty killers who might be lighter on offensive ability. And it just is not easy to get everything clicking at the same time. Today’s Daily Cup Joe takes a look at the Hurricanes’ current efforts to build out a forward group that is four lines deep. The constant evolution of the situation itself over the past few weeks has been fascinating. Very recently, the Hurricanes were very much a one line team with Teravainen/Aho/Svechnikov on fire but nothing else really working. And in the middle of that the Hurricanes traded away two centers but received only one in return. So the team seemed to be desperately trying combinations seeking something that could work past the top line. Fast forward only a week or so to today, and the situation is almost reversed. Despite Aho’s two goals that both came on special teams, the top line has been struggling a bit of late. But driven by an unlikely source in Morgan Geekie, the Hurricanes seem to be making great strides on the depth front.   Teravainen/Aho/Svechnikov Other than leading the Canes special teams outburst on Tuesday, Aho’s line has actually hit a short-term slump in terms of 5-on-5 play. The... read more

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ICYMI...Today's Daily Cup of Joe looked forward to the return of @Canes hockey and speculated on what 'max Hurrricanes would require in the near future=> #LetsGoCanes
March 30, 2020 at 3:47pm
ICYMI...Daily Cup of Joe for Monday looks forward to the return of @Canes hockey and speculates on what 'max Hurrricanes' would require in the near future=> #LetsGoCanes
March 30, 2020 at 11:26am
Daily Cup of Joe for Monday looks forward to the return of @Canes hockey and speculates on what 'max Hurrricanes' would require in the near future=>

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