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Thoughts on re-signing Don Waddell and the adding goalie coach Jason Muzzatti

My last article before taking a week off offered a checklist of four items left before the start of training camp. The road jersey is on tap for today. The big one remaining is whether Justin Williams returns. Could that be part of the jersey reveal? While I was away, the Hurricanes took care of the other two which were re-signing Don Waddell and adding goalie coach Jason Muzzatti. As part of catching up on the week away, today’s Daily Cup of Joe has quick thoughts on Don Waddell’s new deal and the addition of Jason Muzzatti.   Don Waddell After a bit of a ruckus with Waddell first being named a candidate for the open Minnesota Wild general manager position and then actually making the trip there to interview, that situation was officially put to bed last week when Waddell was inked to a three-year contract. Somewhat like the Sebastian Aho situation, the path to get there was an odd one, but in the end the situation was resolved mostly as expected. I was not high on the team passing on hiring a new general manager last summer and instead just going with the current group with Waddell seemingly at the helm of a committee. But one year later, I have to give credit where it is due. The Hurricanes had a successful 2018-19 campaign pushing up into the playoffs and then surging to the Eastern Conference Finals before hitting the wall against the Bruins. And Waddell played a significant role in the team’s success revamping the team during the off-season and following up with a great trade... read more

Carolina Hurricanes sign free agent defenseman Chase Priskie

In exactly one week away from Canes hockey in the middle of the slow time of the off-season, the Hurricanes of course reeled off a run off transactions, I will comment at least briefly on the re-signing of General Manager Don Waddell and the hiring of Goalie Coach Jason Muzzatti in the next few days. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe will address the most recent news of the Carolina Hurricanes signing NCAA free agent defenseman Chase Priskie.   Quick background on the situation Chase Priskie was drafted by the Washington Capitals in the 6th round of the 2016 NHL draft. Since then he has completed his NCAA career at Quinnipiac University. When a team drafts a player who heads to the NCAA, the team then has that players rights until his class’s graduating year — so basically four years. After those four years, usually when the player graduates, he becomes a free agent if not signed by August 15. So for a player who is not signed and who then decides to play out his senior year, the chance to become a free agent is a no-brainer unless he really wants to join the team that drafted him. That is what happened to defenseman Chase Priskie who finished up his senior season in 2018-19 and exercised his right to become a free agent. The free agency is unique. The contract to be signed is pretty much defined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement in terms of salary, signing bonus, playing bonuses and term. So there really is not much for the player to gain financially at least in terms of... read more

Carolina Hurricanes remaining checklist

Today’s Daily Cup of Joe will likely be the last for 5-10 days. It is mostly slow time right now anyway and still a bit early to launch things like training camp previews. What I might try to do is re-ignite the original Coffee Shop posts and just offer a short list of questions each day for those who do not want a short break. I will also re-emerge if any news breaks on Justin Williams or other fronts. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe offers a short checklist for the Hurricanes before the start of training camp.   Sign or do not sign Justin Williams If the Hurricanes do not re-sign Williams, it will be interesting to see if the team redeploys the money. There are still a few capable free agents available, and the price should be right in terms of salary and also probably being willing to take a one-year deal.   Hire a goalie coach This is another open item that is still lingering. There is not any huge urgency. Ideally, the coach needs to be here for the start of training camp, but there is not really much he would do prior to then.   Sign (or maybe not sign but still keep?) Don Waddell Seemingly, NHL rules require the Hurricanes to actually have a general manager under contract which would seem to also imply that the team does need to officially ink Waddell to a one-year contract. Though maybe it is possible that, if put into contract form, employment at will with two weeks notice for either side meets the contract requirement? Who knows... read more

Checking In with Brandon Stanley: Checkers’ player assessments — Roland McKeown, Alex Nedeljkovic, Martin Necas

Welcome back, Caniacs!    First off, I’d like to apologize for the delay in this series. I probably didn’t time it all that well to start with considering how it lined up with the summer events. I likely would have only been about three editions into the series by the time the draft and free agency came around, and that means a lot of my profiles would have been less meaningful with all the player movement we saw. In addition, I had a bit of a rough month or so with some big unforeseen changes in my life coming that I was dealing with. I didn’t even have my laptop for a couple weeks, so even if I had been mentally around at all I wouldn’t have been able to work on these anyway. So again, sorry for the prolonged absence, but we’ll pick it back up now and continue to look into how the seasons of the Canes prospects at the AHL level unfolded. This week we’ll look at Roland McKeown, Alex Nedeljkovic, and Martin Necas.    Roland McKeown – Defenseman (Acquired: Andrej Sekera deal with LA, February 2015; Drafted 2nd round, 50th overall by LA, 2014 Entry Draft) By the Numbers – 4 goals, 21 assists, 25 points in 70 games; 56 PIMs, +30 rating; 3 assists in 10 playoff games.  What Got Him Here? McKeown is very much cut from the Pesce mold, as a right-shot defenseman that takes care of his end of the ice first and foremost, but doesn’t add a ton of value in the offensive end. He is an excellent penalty killer... read more

Canes catch up: Anton Forsberg arbitration ruling, Trevor Carrick trade, NHL national TV schedule

If you have not read it already, check out also Brandon Stanley’s latest Charlotte Checkers’ players assessments for Roland McKeown, Alex Nedeljkovic and Martin Necas.   Today’s Daily Cup of Joe catches up on a couple transactions and another potentially newsworthy event.   Anton Forsberg arbitration ruling On Tuesday, the arbitration ruling came down for goalie Anton Forsberg. The team offered a two-way contract, but Forsberg’s camp won big time with a one-year, one-way contract for $775,000. The amount of money is manageable, but the result is still a negative for the team. As a player who slots fourth on the goalie depth chart and almost certainly destined for the AHL, the team will now be out an additional $700,000-ish compared to an AHL salary if he spends the entire season in the AHL. The situation is unfortunate, but I doubt there is much that the Hurricanes could have done to avoid it. The Hurricanes were not going to offer a one-way contract or any kind of sizable middle ground with a high AHL guarantee. And on Forsberg’s side, it completely makes sense to roll the dice on the randomness of arbitration rulings hoping to win. And they did. So while the situation is unfortunate, it likely was also unavoidable. The result is yet another poster child for the sometimes randomness of the arbitration process and how it can be out of touch with what makes sense. I do not doubt that there is some kind of logical case for the ruling. The arbitrators are professionals at considering comparables and other data to arrive at a ‘fair’ salary. But... read more

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August 23, 2019 at 11:33am
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August 23, 2019 at 1:00am
Daily Cup of Joe for Friday is entitled, "Fortuitous bounces" and has a couple unplanned events that turned out positive for @CanesNHL in-process rebound=> #TakeWarning
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August 21, 2019 at 11:24pm
@FutureCanes After miserable 2017-18 season, Darling still got his chance to start 2018-19 season even though McElhinney was already aboard and playing well.

Same will happen this fall. Canes have incentive to at a minimum try to showcase Reimer to make him tradeable.
August 21, 2019 at 11:14pm
@FutureCanes Not sure this is really a battle so much as what makes sense. Reimer likely starts at NHL level to at least get NHL ice time to maybe make him marketable. Ned is still waiver exempt and therefore likely starts in AHL until things shake out regardless of what he does in preseason.
August 21, 2019 at 5:57pm
ICYMI...Today's Daily Cup of Joe handicaps @CanesNHL impending roster battle for the last 2 defenseman slots=> #TakeWarning

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