If you are just checking in, you can find part 4 of my 4-part 2018 NHL Draft week series (and links to the first 3 parts) HERE.

This post will be left open for reader discussion and updates during the draft.



Saturday 8:40am  update

On Friday, the Canes avoided overthinking a good thing, picked Andrei Svechnikov and in the process added a player with a high probability of being a high-end scorer.

Otherwise, the first day of the draft was a quiet one in terms of actual activity for the Hurricanes and the league as a whole. Jeff Skinner’s name reared up again. Elias Lindholm also joined the fray, but both players are still on the Hurricanes roster as of Saturday morning.

Most interesting on the trade front was a deal that sent Philipp Grubauer and Brooks Orpik (salary dump) to the Colorado Avalanche for a second-round pick.

A few minutes after the deal was announced, I said on Twitter:

A few hours later in his parting comments at the end of the night, Luke DeCock said not only was it interesting, but that the Hurricanes were actually in on this deal.

Comments on Lindholm:

Comments on Skinner:

I had Skinner as a player I would trade (for the right return) in part 4 of my 2018 NHL Draft series.

5:57pm update

Report on Elias Lindholm’s contract negotiations with my Twitter comments that followed.



4:19pm update

Will leave this open for discussion and provide comments as news emerges.

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