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The Hurricanes start their bye week today and will be off the ice until Saturday. The timing could not be better in a few regards.

The team should benefit from the break physically on multiple fronts. Brett Pesce and Derek Ryan who are out of the lineup with get a few more days to mend without missing games. Sebastian Aho who left yesterday’s game with an injury will also get those days. And the locker room should also get a chance to reset and recover from the flu that was impacting players this week. In addition, even many of the healthy players looked like they were out of gas this week and could benefit from a few days off to rest and recharge.

The break will also offer a few more days for new majority owner Tom Dundon to begin his work in earnest. Minor changes have already started to pop up and a different tone was set right out of the gate in Friday’s press conference, but with the wedding now in the rear view mirror, the process of figuring out the life ahead starts now.

Finally, I think many in the Canes fan base can use a few days to rest, recharge and rebuild optimism before the #CanesCoaster rushes toward its final climax in February, March and early April.

Against that backdrop, the Monday Coffee Shop offers questions on Tom Dundon and the season ahead.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What do you see as the biggest positives with the ownership transition to Tom Dundon? (Select up to 2.)

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What is your initial impression of Tom Dundon?

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How about now? Are the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes a playoff team?

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If the Hurricanes are to make the playoffs, what will the key ingredients need to be? (Select up to 2.)

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Discussion questions


1) What are your early impressions of Tom Dundon based on the press conference and what you have seen so far?


2) What are the most significant changes that you expect/hope for both on and off the ice with the ownership transition?


3) With the Hurricanes still bouncing up and down around to the playoff cut line but not much above it, what does it take to push this team over the cut line for good and into the 2018 NHL Playoffs?


4) Free for all…Who has general comments, discussion topics or questions for the rest of the coffee shop?


Go Canes!

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