After a solid win on Friday, the Hurricanes were right back at it three days later and back were the team’s scoring woes.

Now with a record that is one win better than hockey .500, the Hurricanes need to find a higher gear as soon as possible.

But the team has been sputtering a bit and struggling to score. Today’s Daily Cup of Joe takes a shot at using only simple changes to try to make some gains.


1) Reunite Jaccob Slavin and Brett Pesce

As I said on Twitter shortly after school ended:

Sure Hamilton/Slavin worked on paper prior to this problem. But the duo just has not worked thus far. With de Haan/Faulk clicking, reuniting Slavin/Pesce is not the most exciting deal but it should solidify the top 4 defensively.


2) Micheal Ferland with Sebstian Aho

Micheal Ferland returned on Tuesday but made it through only a single period before missing the remainder of the game with an upper body injury. Ferland has been the primary finisher thus far after another day of work. With not much clicking offensively right now, there could be temptation to reshuffle all of the lines, but Ferland should remain with Aho as long as the two are producing.


3) Utilize possible available help at the AHL level

Ideally, the team needs to add a forward or two from outside. But in the short-term, I continue to wonder why the team does not just do the easy thing. I get being careful and patient with Martin Necas, but Kuokkanen has a full year of AHL hockey under his belt and therefore could be a candidate for a recall.


What say you Canes fans?


1) What do you think about my three assertions above?


2) Do you have any additional simple moves that you would try hoping that they were not going to have anything?


Go Canes!

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