Today’s Daily Cup of Joe offers a selection of Canes quick hitters.


Ryan Dzingel

Dzingel is off to a decent start after a ‘meh’ 2019-20 campaign. He has only a lone goal and no assists, but he is playing a more assertive brand of hockey and being more engaged. Dzingel has proven he can score at the NHL level in the past, so the question is whether he is on the brink of breaking out in terms of production. Dzingel needs to score at a decent clip to be a plus in an NHL lineup.


Jordan Staal

Even though it was only one game, the Hurricanes missed what Jordan Staal brings to the lineup. Taking a high percentage of the tougher draws on special teams and being above break even makes a difference. Where face-offs matter is puck possession. Starting every restart chasing the puck impacts the flow the game. At this stage of his career, Staal is unlikely to morph into a second line scorer, but there is very much a place for Staal in a peak Hurricanes lineup.


Petr Mrazek

Going into the season, I would have figured goalies would have the greatest potential to start slow. I am sure that has happened with some around the NHL, but I think Mrazek has quickly played his want into ‘not needing preseason starts’ camp. Three games does not make a season, but Mrazek has been very good so far and was obviously not affected negatively by starting the season cold.


Andrei Svechnikov

For as must as his personality is that of an affable kid who loves the game, Andrei Svechnikov continues to show a knack for getting under opponents’ skin. He was in the middle of a couple minor events early in the game. First, he took a decent run at a Lightning player on the boards during a delayed penalty. The puck was sort of in the neighborhood, but the Lightning player never actually played the puck. Svechnikov finished him anyway which by the book could have been interference. Shortly after that he found himself in a heap at the crease and exchanged a couple pushes before that ended quickly. He is physical. Combine that with a bit of swagger and a bit of sand paper, and I think he is making it on the quietly not liked list with some teams.


What say you Canes fans?


1) Is Ryan Dzingel on the verge of breaking out a bit offensively? 


2) Has anyone else noticed that Andrei Svechnikov seems to somewhat quietly irritate opposing teams/players on a pretty regular basis?


3) Who has other Canes quick hitters for Friday discussion?


Go Canes!





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