Despite it being a slow part of the offseason with the playoffs still ongoing, recent days have offered a decent collection of Canes hockey news which is the subject of today’s Daily Cup of Joe.


1) Klas Dahlbeck is headed to the KHL

Initially just filling the role of an expansion draft shield for Justin Faulk, Klas Dahlbeck had a solid 2017-18 in a limited role as a #7 defenseman. Multiple times he was capable of stepping into the lineup after long layoffs and not looking out of place or rusty. That said, I could have gone either way on bringing him back to fill a similarly limited role versus just letting him go to free up the roster slow. The move creates the possibility that the Hurricanes add an inexpensive, experienced #7 defenseman to keep the youth out of the press box.


2) Jeff Skinner continues his extended turn in the trade rumor mill

The Carolina Hurricanes have a number things to be sorted out on the player/roster front this summer, but a decision and action on Jeff Skinner’s long-term future with the team will likely be the new GM by committee’s biggest decision this summer. Because of the wide difference between ceiling and floor for what Skinner might be in the right or wrong situation, the resolution of this situation has potentially huge implications.


3) Chuck Kaiton’s future with the organization is uncertain

I recommend reading the article for a few of the details, but I will chime in. First and foremost, Chuck Kaiton is part of the fabric of the team. As such, I personally do not like the idea of him leaving. That said, radio’s role in sports coverage continues to decline, and we are quickly on a path to the majority of teams with television broadcasts just doing simulcast to fill the radio at least adequately with minimal cost. As television and radio merge, perhaps the solution is to somehow include him on the television broadcast team.


4) Hurricanes sign Finnish forward Saku Maenalanen

At the most basic level, I like low risk moves like this that have the potential to improve the team. The situation is a bit different with Maenalanen only 23 years old, but the move is somewhat similar to the Derek Ryan signing in that the two-way contract makes it virtually risk-free. Best case, the team has found a diamond in the rough and added an NHL player without using a draft pick or having to wait 3-5 year for him to develop. Worst case is that he becomes depth at the NHL level. Also worth noting is that the Hurricanes’ scouting of Finnish players has been dead on so far, so if that group likes a player, going and getting him makes perfect sense. I do think people are putting the cart before the horse projecting him into the 2018-19 opening day lineup. Most likely, he follows the same path as Ryan adjusting to North American hockey in the AHL and trying to play his way up from there.


Go Canes!


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