This partners with my ‘What I’m watching’ article which has player by player details of where my eyes will be focused during this week’s practices and scrimmages at the Hurricanes prospect camp.

Following the draft and the start of free agency, this week offers one last blast of summer hockey goodness before another long stretch of mostly nothing until training camp opens in September.

This week’s Hurricanes prospect camp has 27 young Hurricanes prospects (with a few non-Hurricanes invitees sprinkled in) on the ice at PNC Arena on Wednesday through Saturday. Practices at 5:30pm on Wednesday and Thursday and also Summerfest on Saturday have free parking and admission (only cost is concessions). You can find details on the team web site.

Of the 27 players who will take the ice, 9 are newly-minted Hurricanes prospects who were just drafted 2 weeks ago on June 24 and 25. Below are links for individual pages for each of those players, each with a short profile and a clickable set of reading material from other hockey sites.

The pages for the players selected in the first 3 rounds (Bean, Gauthier, Kuokkanen, Filipe) are mostly what I already posted shortly after the draft but with short profiles and a couple additional links added. If you already read those, the pages for Zimmer, Helvig and Carroll are new.

Jake Bean – Defenseman – 2016 1st round pick (#13 overall)

Julien Gauthier – Right wing – 2016 1st round pick (#21 overall)

Janne Kuokkanen – Center – 2016 2nd round pick (#43 overall)

Matt Filipe – Center – 2016 3rd round pick (#67 overall)

Hudson Elynuik – Center – 2016 3rd round pick (#74 overall)

Jack LaFontaine – Goalie – 2016 3rd round pick (#75 overall)

Max Zimmer – Left wing – 2016 4th round pick (#104 overall)

Jeremy Helvig – Goalie – 2016 5th round pick (#134 overall)

Noah Carroll – Defenseman – 2016 6th round pick (#164 overall)


See you at Summerfest!


Go Canes!



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