I jotted a bunch of notes from the Red-White scrimmage today.  The rest of my afternoon/evening is booked, so I will organize and post them sometime after hours tonight.  Trying to watch 40 players is impossible, so surely everyone who was there saw different things and had different impressions.

I encourage everyone to chime in with their thoughts on the scrimmage either answering my few questions below or just commenting however you choose.

1) Of the veterans in the game (Chris Terry, Andrej Nestrasil, Victor Rask, Elias Lindholm, Zach Boychuk), who most impressed?

2) Of the young players on the Red team, who most impressed?

3) Of the young players on the White team, who most impressed?

(If you do not remember who was on which team, feel free to just comment in general on the youth.)

4) What was your 1st impression of Noah Hanifin?

5) Did any of the goalies stand out as especially good?

6) What did you get to eat and was it absolutely wonderful (this is mostly for the food truck crowd, but nothing against PNC Arena food either)?

7) Anything else?

Go Canes!

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