My schedule this week is not Canes hockey friendly, so my knowledge of the Canes 2-1 shootout loss is limited to what I read until I catch up on the DVR in the next day or 2.

“Overtime” has gradually grown to become a huge theme for the Canes in March. The team is now 2-6 in overtime (including shootouts) in March. If you flip those numbers, the Canes get 4 more points and are right in the thick of the playoff hunt. Instead, the 2-6 mark has the team sitting about where it was 1 month ago and even 2 months ago which is within range of #8 but not really close enough.

Good for Derek Ryan notching his second NHL goal in a big game.

My hope is to catch up my game recaps for this game in the next couple days once I get my head above water on a couple other things.


Go Canes!

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