The 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes hockey season is officially underway. The Hurricanes collected three out of a possible four points and will next try its hand on the road.

If you have not read it already, today’s Daily Cup of Joe profiles Hurricanes hockey as relates to playing road games.

The Thursday Coffee Shop will simultaneously look backward at the two home games to start the season and forward to the upcoming four-game road trip.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What are your thoughts on the Hurricanes picking up three points out of four in the two home games to start the season?

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How many points does it take for a successful four-game road trip?

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What do you expect from Bill Peters on the road?

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Discussion questions


1) What jumps out at you from the first two games at home?


2) What will you be watching most closely as the team takes to the road for the next four games?


3) If you were Bill Peters, what adjustments would you make in terms of lineup of tactics playing away from home?


Go Canes!

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