With the last of the Hurricanes prospects wrapping up play in the Memorial Cup last weekend, Ron Hainsey and maybe Jim Rutherford and Peter Laviolette are  the last people with Hurricanes ties still standing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

For those ready to be done with the 2016-17 NHL season, it’s officially June which for me means it is time start building next season’s team in earnest. We have already bandied around various things pointed in this direction, but with the expansion draft now just under three weeks away and the regular draft and free agency right behind it, I think the speculation, debate and hopefully results should start to ramp up. And Part 1 (identifying needs and building a shopping list) and Part 2 (not being distracted by the shiny stuff) of what will be an extended run of “Building the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes” type articles are already up.

The work remaining to build the 2017-18 Hurricanes’ roster and the three NHL summer events should be regular coffee shop entries from here on out.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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Which of the Hurricanes young defensemen would you consider including in a trade to add a first or second line scoring forward? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Which is the highest remaining priority for building the Hurricanes 2017-18 opening day roster?

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(Recognizing that these players might not all actually be available) Of the big names floating around who might be available via trade, which do you like most? (Pick up to three.)

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Discussion questions


1) In priority order, what is on your remaining checklist for Ron Francis this off-season?

2) Of the higher-end scoring forwards allegedly available for the right price this summer, who do you like most? What would be your maximum offer to get him?

3) Is adding a proven, serviceable #5/#6 defenseman enough to solidify the blue line? Or do you think Francis needs to find a way to add better? Who do you like?


Go Canes!

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