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Thursday is officially training camp eve which is of course a magical day for hockey fans especially after another long offseason. Starting tomorrow, Coach Bill Peters begins the process of taking the mix of old and new and young and old puzzle pieces and assembling them into cohesive groups that are worthy of earning a long-awaited playoff berth.

The announcement of the players for each of two different practice groups provided significant clues as to Peters’ starting point for line combinations and defense pairings. Sorting out the D pairings and forward lines is the topic of part 2 of my training camp preview for today’s Daily Cup of Joe which you can find HERE.

Today’s Coffee Shop polls and discussion offers you the chance to take your turn at playing Bill Peters and building a winning combination of lines and defense pairings.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What are your thoughts about the apparent starting point of Slavin/Pesce and Hanifin/Faulk for the top 4 on defense?

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What do you think is the most effective use of Justin Williams? (Select as many as apply.)

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Which forward is most vulnerable to losing his roster slot? (Based on my four forward lines from DCoJ)

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Discussion questions


1) If you were Bill Peters, what would be your forward lines?

2) If you were Bill Peters, what would be your defense pairings?

3) What will you be watching/evaluating most closely during the first week of training camp that includes three preseason games?


Go Canes!

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