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Suddenly into the second third of the season, we have seen enough 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes hockey to evaluate the team and also project what is in store for the rest of the season. The Daily Cup of Joe is a companion article that shares my thoughts on the same subject, but I hope everyone votes/comments here first so that we get unbiased opinions and the diversity of viewpoints that is easily the best thing about Canes and Coffee articles right now.

With that…The 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes…Where are we? Where are we going?


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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Through one-third of the season, how do the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes compare to what you expected entering the season?

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Based on what you have seen thus far, what do you expect for the remainder of the 2017-18 season?

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What do you think needs to be the catalyst(s) to boost the team right now? (Select up to two.)

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Discussion questions


1) In more detail than the polls for those who comment here, how would you describe the Hurricanes 2017-18 season thus far? What are the positives to build on and what are the biggest negatives that must be addressed?


2) What do you predict for the remainder of the 2017-18 season? What do you think it takes for this team to find a higher gear and make a playoff return?


Go Canes!

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