There is no surprise with the theme of the coffee shop polls and discussion questions for today’s Coffee Shop post. With the trade deadline now only 2 days away, it’s all about wheeling and dealing.

For added fun, the discussion questions have a bit of a reader contest to name deals and collect points. The winner will earn……………….bragging rights in the Coffee Shop for at least a week and nothing more. 🙂


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What do you make of Justin Faulk's name popping up in the rumor mill again?

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Which top-tier center who might could possibly be available is most intriguing to you?

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Who ultimately departs before the trade deadline? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Discussion questions

1) Give us 1 name and any details if you wish of a player that you think Ron Francis either should or might add during the trade deadline aiming at starting his 2017-18 roster building early.


2) What do you make of Justin Faulk’s name popping up in the rumor mill again? Do you think Francis is at least considering trading him for the right return? Or do you think it is fabricated nonsense?


3) I posted my thoughts in DCoJ for Monday and would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on players currently stepping into bigger roles – my list was Noah Hanifin, Eddie Lack, Phil Di Giuseppe and Ryan Murphy but feel free to add someone else if you think it is appropriate.



Trade deadline contest

Not sure if it will clutter things up too much, but maybe do a separate comment for the discussion questions and the contest.

1) For each of the Hurricanes’ remaining unrestricted free agents (Ryan, Stalberg, McClement, Tennyson) name A-If he will be traded (1pt); B-If traded for draft pick or recent draftee, what round (3pts); C-Team traded to (5pts).

2) How many trades will Ron Francis do in total (counting Ron Hainsey trade and also any AHL-level deals)? (5pts)

3) Take your wild guess on which non-unrestricted Hurricanes player will be traded. Correctly naming such a player earns 5 points and naming who (primary player at least) who he will be traded for nets 5 more points.


Go Canes!


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