After most of a week off for reader/guest week last week, Daily Cup of Joe is back at it first of the week with part one of a series that will look at and even take a shot at ranking the Hurricanes prospect pool. Since that series will take a few days to play out, we will break from recent form and not link the Daily Cup of Joe and The Coffee Shop today.

Also, if you missed it on Saturday, please check out our article with a quick look both backwards and forwards on Canes and Coffee’s two-year anniversary.

Instead, the Monday Coffee Shop will address the potential hockey news abyss for the month of August which starts tomorrow.

July was fairly eventful with a big free agent signing in Justin Williams, a smaller free agent signing in Josh Jooris, a trade for Marcus Kruger, a Jaccob Slavin re-signing and word of a potential team sale. August will inevitably be a down month news-wise. The month is easily the slowest of the entire year in terms of NHL activity.

But in between stretches of slowly clicking off days until the start of training camp in mid-September, potential does exist for intermittent bursts of significant news.

–An official closing for the sale of the team would be huge news. If that happens, the result could be an ongoing stream of news as we learn more about the ownership group and what the change means for our hockey team.

–Any number of players scheduled to be free agents next summer (Brett Pesce, Elias Lindholm, Noah Hanifin) could re-sign a year early.

–Francis could still pull off a big trade for a difference-making center to boost the offense or a smaller trade to bolster the blue line.

Today’s polls and discussion look into the crystal ball and predict what is on tap for August.


Carolina Hurricanes Polls

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Which events do you predict will happen in August? (Choose as many as apply.)

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With the last key restricted free agents (Dumoulin and Sheary) re-signed in Pittsburgh, how many ridiculous Jordan Staal to Pittsburgh trade rumors/proposals will we have to endure?

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What ridiculous things will we see as part of the imminent Jordan Staal trade rumors/proposals? (Choose as many as apply.)

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What do you expect/hope for from Canes and Coffee to help fill a mostly hockey-less August? (Choose as many as apply.)

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Discussion questions


1) What do you think will be the Hurricanes biggest news item in August? And when do you expect it will happen?

2) If you could make one change, improvement or addition to Canes and Coffee’s coverage as we push closer to the start of the 2017-18 season, what would it be?

3) Tentative plan is to do something related to this week’s prospect articles for the Thursday Coffee Shop, but who has proposed questions and/or topics to help fill up a couple of the slow weeks in August?


Go Canes!

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