A theme/reminder across all articles at Canes and Coffee on Monday will be a somewhat gentle nudge to try to get as many people as possible to come out to PNC Arena on Monday night for the 7pm match up between UNC and NC State in hockey. Parking is free. A $5 donation is recommended at the door.


With that the Monday Coffee Shop will feature a little bit of UNC/NC State and also take time revel in the Hurricanes’ recent success that sees the team at 5-2-2 in November and coming off consecutive weeks at plus 2 above .500 (2-0-1 two weeks ago and 3-1 last week).


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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For Monday night's local hockey match up at PNC Arena, where are your allegiances?

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On the same topic of today's Daily Cup of Joe, which player would you say has most outperformed expectations heading into the season?

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With two days off before three home games spaced every other day, how many points will the Hurricanes get this week?

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Carolina Hurricanes discussion questions

All TSA day…


1) What do you make of Teuvo Teravainen’s scoring outburst? Is he turning the corner and now on his way to a break out season? Or is this just another short burst that will be followed by the next stretch of quiet? What now is a reasonable point total for Teravainen for the 2017-18 season?


2) Similar for Sebastian Aho…After finally netting his first goal and scoring in four consecutive games since, what not are reasonable expectations for points for him for the 2017-18 season?


3) What makes the Aho/Staal/Teravainen line click? Are they just benefiting from a nice run of finishing, or are they really as good as they have looked over the past few games? Will the trio be so good that they stay together for the full season, or are they destined to cool and ultimately become part of a line shuffle?


4) Bonus question: Since things are going so well right now, pick your own topic or add another thought on the recent winning run.


Go Canes!

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