Today kicks off reader and guest week at Canes and Coffee, so rather than pairing the Monday Coffee Shop with the Daily Cup of Joe, today’s polls and discussion questions stem from the two articles posted today.

Reader David Miller offers a detailed three-year straw man projection for the Hurricanes’ salary cap through the 2019-20 season.

And guest Bob Wage from Canes Edge suggests that attendance could see any immediate boost with a change in ownership.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

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What, if any, effect do you think a change in ownership would have on attendance short-term?

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What will it take for the Carolina Hurricanes to push up significantly off the salary cap floor in terms of budget in the next few years? (Select single most significant factor.)

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From players currently or soon expected to be paid $3 million or more annually, which, if any, would you consider letting go (trade or free agency) in the next few years to make the salary math work?

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Discussion questions


1) Per David Miller’s salary cap projections out to 2019-20 that sees the Hurricanes near the cap in three years, do you think that the team’s budget will grow to that level? What do you think will be the general strategy to keep the core of the team intact as players come off of inexpensive contracts and earn salary increases?

2) In general terms how many roster slots would you allow to free up from veteran departures to be won by rising youth? Which veterans do you see departing over the next few years? Which rising youth do you see seizing those slots?

3) Which comes first, the chicken (salary being increased to win) or the egg (the team winning to justify spending more)?


Go Canes!

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