Today we sit right in the middle of the slowest day of the hockey year. In true ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ form, the Monday Coffee Shop will mostly be taken over by the patients today (and that is meant in the nicest possible way).

Following the theme from today’s Daily Cup of Joe, the game is for readers to put forward an “I think…” statement on Hurricanes hockey to be considered. Cool would be if we could get an ‘agree’ and/or ‘disagree’ comment on each one. Critical here is obviously to maintain the friendly coffee shop atmosphere that is respectful and considerate in disagreement.

Without further ado, a couple quick polls to officially meet the regular Coffee Shop format, then the floor is open.


Carolina Hurricanes polls

Please remember to click ‘vote’ after each individual poll response.


Based on the continued reports on the team sale process, what is your updated estimate for a closing date for the sale of the team?

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What are the chances we receive new news other than the ownership situation in August?

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Discussion questions

So here is how this works…I encourage everyone to post their own “I think…” comment on anything Hurricanes hockey. Then it would be really cool if people could also comment on 1-2 other “I think…” entries such that each can become its own mini-discussion.

I feel like I do not need to say this but in the name of being safe rather than sorry and also vigilant about maintaining a great “coffee shop” atmosphere at Canes and Coffee, please BE RESPECTFUL. Disagreement is perfectly fine, but there is a right way and a wrong way to disagree with someone else’s comment.


Go Canes!

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