If you are checking in just in time for the flurry of actively leading up to the NHL trade deadline at 3pm on Wednesday, here is a menu of articles/coverage at Canes and Coffee over the last week.


The Coffee Shop is open on Wednesday

If you want to track the action live, see quick updates throughout the day and chat with other members of the Canes and Coffee community, the Coffee Shop is OPEN with a live thread.


The formal 4-part Carolina Hurricanes 2017 NHL trade deadline preview

Part 1: The for sale list with expected values (If early returns are an accurate indication, it probably makes sense to upgrade each estimated draft pick by 1 round.)

Part 2: Building the 2017-18 blue line (A bit controversial, as I think I am in the minority thinking Francis might need to add a veteran defenseman short-term.)

Part 3: Building the 2017-18 top 9 at forward (Recognizing that this need is most likely to be addressed during the summer, I still forged forward naming 3 potential big name scoring center targets for Tuesday’s trade deadline.)

Part 4: Pondering but likely passing on goalie options (As hinted at in the title, my hunch is that Francis will wait until summer to address the goalie position.)

Daily Cup of Joe for Wednesday goes out on a limb with 5 non-rental trades I could see happening and 3 that are possible but that I do not see happening at the trade deadline.


Analysis on completed Hurricanes trades

Ron Hainsey: Assessment of his deal for a second round pick and veteran AHLer Danny Kristo.

Viktor Stalberg: Thoughts on trade #2 by Ron Francis on Tuesday for Ottawa’s 2017 third round pick.


Other NHL trade deadline related reading

Ryan Murphy: Options for him both now and going forward.

Justin Faulk: Thoughts on rumors that he might be available.

Sunday Canes Chronicle that has a collection of trade deadline-centric links to external articles.

Cory’s Hurricanes In-Depth for a 3-year history of Ron Francis’ trade deadlines.

Andrew Schnittker’s trade deadline preview at the Technician.


Could be an interesting day, and one that even has the potential to be pivotal in the future of the Carolina Hurricanes’ franchise.


Go Canes!

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