With the expansion draft, regular NHL draft and then free agency all about to launch in rapid succession, Canes and Coffee is about to become really busy.

Right now, the site is designed to optimally release and display 2-5 articles at a time on the main page and articles go a couple different directions as they age depending on the blog category. For those who want an easy way to see the run of articles focused on building the Carolina Hurricanes 2017-18 roster, please bookmark this page or just scroll down the home page to the clickable box underneath the main grid at the top of the web page.

This menu will include articles related to the expansion draft, trades, free agency and just about everything else related to building the team over the off-season.

See also the companion page “Carolina Hurricanes 2017 NHL Draft Central which will include all of the links for pre-draft and post-draft coverage of the actual NHL draft and the Hurricanes’ new group of prospects.

Finally, for those who asked for a simple chronological list of all articles, you can now find a list of ALL articles by post date HERE or by scrolling down the home page to the clickable box right underneath the main grid at the top of the web page.


Building the 2017-18 Carolina Hurricanes

(Most recent first)

July 12, 2017: Part 27 — Assessing the current blue line and considering upgrade options

July 10, 2017: Part 26 — Assessing the current forwards and considering upgrade options

July 10, 2017: Justin Williams and the Hurricanes captaincy

July 6, 2017: The relationship between Jordan Staal and Marcus Kruger

July 6, 2017: Part 25 — Sorting out the bottom part of the Hurricanes forwards

July 4, 2017: Initial thoughts on Marcus Kruger acquisition

July 3, 2017: Part 24 — What’s left? What’s left to do? …after Justin Williams signing and first few days of free agency

July 2, 2017: Hurricanes sign Justin Williams – A deeper dive starting to look at where he fits

July 1, 2017: Hurricanes sign Justin Williams – Initial thoughts

June 30, 2017: Part 23 — Playing Ron Francis for the free agent frenzy

June 30, 2017: Part 22 — Exploring three avenues and identifying six players for a Hurricanes forward upgrade

June 30, 2017: Hurricanes trade Eddie Lack and Ryan Murphy

June 28, 2017: Part 21 — Deeper dive into considering free agent pool for a forward upgrade

June 27, 2017: Considering Patrick Marleau and in the process free agency as an option to upgrade at forward

June 26, 2017: Derek Ryan re-signed – Where he fits into the bigger picture

June 26, 2017: Part 20 — Busy week ahead with restricted free agents, buy out deadline and start of free agency

June 24, 2017: Part 19 — Speculating on the draft floor trade situation (for a top 6 forward)

June 22, 2017: Part 18 — Pre-NHL draft update on Hurricanes off-season priorities and target checklist

June 22, 2017: Assessing the trade for defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk (part 2)

June 22, 2017:  Assessing the trade for defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk

June 21, 2017: Part 17 — Analyzing the upshot of expansion draft selections and shopping Las Vegas’ roster

June 21, 2017: Part 16 — Shopping for just the right defenseman

June 18, 2017: Hurricanes’ angles on the expansion draft protection lists and next steps in the process

June 17, 2017: Upshot from expansion draft roster deadline day

June 16, 2017: Part 15 — Naming names and doing deals for a top 6 scoring forward

June 14, 2017: Part 14 — Assessing the many forwards who did not make the target list

June 12, 2017: Part 13 — Top 10 potential top 6 forward targets with ranking

June 12, 2017: Part 12 — The vanilla version of the Hurricanes expansion draft 

June 11, 2017: Part 11 — The crazy version of the Hurricanes expansion draft lead up

June 11, 2017: Part 10 — Shopping the other 30 NHL teams (Ottawa=>Winnipeg)

June 10, 2017: Part 9 — Shopping the other 30 NHL teams (Edmonton=>New York Rangers)

June 9, 2017: Part 8 — Shopping the other 30 NHL teams (Anaheim=>Detroit)

June 8, 2017: Part 7 — Random trade thoughts on expansion draft tea leaves, trade pieces, etc.

June 6, 2017: Part 6 — If I could add only one forward…

June 5, 2017: Part 5 — Toughest decisions for Ron Francis

June 4, 2017: Part 4 — Unique contract situations that could fit into Canes plans

June 3, 2017: NHL calendar for June/July — expansion draft, NHL draft, buyouts and free agency

June 1, 2017: Part 3 — Offer sheets

May 31, 2017: Part 2 — Focusing on needs and not being distracted by shiny things

May 31, 2017: Part 1 — Identifying specific needs


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