For anyone who was busy during the week and is just catching up on Canes hockey on the weekend, it was a busy week.  The team did their physicals and kick-off on Thursday and took to the ice for the 1st practice on Friday.  Canes and Coffee posted a collection of preview-ish type articles.  You can find clickable links for much of this weeks’ coverage below.

Later today, we will also post a Caniac Carnival/Red-White Scrimmage preview for Sunday’s event.

First, I encourage everyone to read our reintroduction of Canes and Coffee which you can find HERE. The short version is that with hockey season near and more to talk about, the hope is that the site will become more of a place for conversation and less of a place where people just read what someone else wrote.

And before you jump to all off of the posts focused on the 2015-16 season, please check in on our summer NCAA tourney style bracket event.  You can see the current results and vote on the current games HERE.

As a 2-part preview to the early part of training camp, we posted:

“What I’m watching” – Defense

“What I’m watching” – Forwards

After the set of Friday practices, we posted a fairly detailed set of notes/thoughts for the 1st day’s practices which you can find HERE.

Earlier in the week, we ran 2 polls (still open) that asked people to predict who would win the open roster spots at forward and on defense.  You can still vote, and there are also come very reader comments worth reading.

In 2 parts there are:

Who wins the open spots? – Forwards

Who wins the open spots – Defense

Finally, we have real hockey, and the season is close!

Go Canes!


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