On October 23 I wrote an article previewing the Canes stretch of schedule for the front part of November. That stretch that just ended featured 13 straight games against teams that had missed the playoffs for 2018-19. As such, that run of games figured to be favorable for continuing to push farther above .500. The Hurricanes finished only a treading water-ish 7-6 during that run. My target beforehand was 8-4-1.

Right now, the Hurricanes are at the same time good position but also in danger heading into the next stretch of schedule. Adjusted for games played, the Hurricanes have a three-point cushion above the playoff cut line. But what lies ahead is challenging. I think the Hurricanes home match up against Nashville on Friday is a bit one because it is followed quickly by tough road match ups against Tampa Bay and Boston. Only three of the next ten games are at home including a five-game western road trip. The stretch also features a healthy helping of teams that are good or better.

On the one hand, I think playing .500 hockey for a tough stretch of schedule can be acceptable. On the other hand, pushing farther above. .500 is always the goal. I think something like 5-4-1 or 6-4-0 would be decent.


What say you Canes fans?


1) What do you think was a reasonable for points/record for the just-completed stretch of 13 games against a favorable schedule?


2) What would you put as a target for points/schedule in the next 10 games with many on the road or against tough opponents?


Go Canes!

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