For anyone who was busy all week and is catching up on his/her leisure reading, here is a menu of some of the best Hurricanes hockey blogs posted since this time last week:

Game recaps:

Recap from Red-White scrimmage last Sunday is HERE.

Recap from Monday’s 2-0 loss to the Washington Capitals is HERE.

Recap from Saturday’sy 5-3 win versus the New York Islanders is HERE.

In trying multiple times to find video of the Canes/Pens preseason game on Tuesday, too much time passed, so a recap was never posted for that game.


Update on summer Canes great bracket event:

The round of 16 games ended Thursday leaving 8 players standing.  You can see the winners from the last round HERE. Voting for Elite 8 games will kick off either Monday or Tuesday.


Figuring out the roster and combinations puzzle:

Here you can read the upshot from what Peters might have gained from Saturday’s preseason game – a forward line for Skinner? And maybe a third D pair that includes 2 kids finding chemistry together?

HERE are thoughts on what reaching the next level offensively might entail for Jeff Skinner.

HERE you can vote and/or see others’ votes for who makes the Carolina Hurricanes 2015-16 opening day roster.


We did not get to it for this wee, but the hope is to either as part of this or separately pull together a good list of weekly reading external to Canes and Coffee such that people can regularly find a weekly catch up from our site if they are a weekly check in type reader or can find a nice batch of new reading if they stop by more regularly.  Hopefully next Sunday!

Go Canes!

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