Here is a collection of random player notes that have yet to make it into other posts:

Ryan Murphy: Murphy is a great example of how scouting neutralizes even players’ strengths once there is enough tape out there. Teams make a very clear and concerted effort to run at him early such that Murphy rarely ever gets the chance to get moving before there is pressure on him. He is most comfortable with the puck on his stick after he gets a couple strides to build speed and with his smaller size is the greatest at beating a forechecker with contact and then getting going.

Chris Terry: He easily qualifies as the most recently surging forward from among the depth forwards playing to be part of the 2016-17 team. I wrote about the set of forwards trying earn spots for next year and gave only Riley Nash ‘keep’ vote at the time. I still think Terry is more likely to go than to stay, but he now has 3 points in his last 3 games. If he can play the last 9 games at a similar scoring pace, could he play his way into the mix?

Brett Pesce: He is going to be a very good penalty killer (if he is not already). He has good awareness positionally and willingly blocks shots. Count on him being a key part of the penalty kill for years to come.

Elias Lindholm: This might sound strange, but I actually think his game could benefit from running around just a little bit more. I am not suggesting that he should full off kilter and start flying around and hitting things at random without being concerned about position. But at times, I think he leans a little bit too much toward playing an area and could benefit from engaging the puck a bit more often.

James Wisniewski: I have not heard anything recently about a potential return which probably means that he is unlikely to see the ice this season. Especially if there is any risk of him not being ready, the team should err on the side of caution with the season being where it is right now. But I think it would be a great feel good story for the last week if he could make it all the way back from his injury and play even a single game at PNC Arena.


Go Canes!


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