Today’s Daily Cup of Joe offers a small collection of random Canes comments, most of which play into the off-season work to build the 2019-20 roster.


Haydn Fleury

Fleury is at an interest crossroads. He has not developed to become a top half of the roster player as hoped when he was drafted. But he has become a serviceable depth defenseman who still has some upside entering only his second full season at the NHL level.

That makes him an interesting player in a few regards. On the one hand, I would not be in any hurry to trade him just because he has not lived up to lofty hopes. His salary is on target for his role, and a big body who can skate well enough, he is better than what most teams have to trot out for a #7 or even #6 defenseman. But interestingly, that same usefulness to salary ratio could give him some value as part of a package in a trade. Teams that need a depth defenseman on the cheap could do much worse especially if their scouting staff believes that Fleury could have another gear.

So I would not be looking to dump him for nothing, but if another team wants him as part of a package, maybe you collect the value.


The importance of chemistry

Yesterday I started into considering deals to improve the roster for next season. I do think the Hurricanes like almost every team should be trying to improve during the off-season. But whereas last summer, the team wanted to shake up the roster to effect a change in chemistry and attitude, this summer is the opposite. It is not realistic or generally a good thing to keep 100 percent of a roster intact, but this summer the leaning will be to keep most of the core of the locker room in place. Brind’Amour’s input in this regard could factor in how active the team is this summer in free agency and the trade market in addition to what deals are out there to be had.


What say you Canes fans?

1) How would you assess Haydn Fleury both as a viable part of the team going forward or as a trade chip?


2) To what degree do you think the Hurricanes will enter the off-season with a bias toward maintaining the progress made building a new culture?


Go Canes!


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