Certainly everyone has noticed how much Justin Williams talks during a game. He regularly has something to say in the after the whistle scrums. He constantly chirps on the bench. He is also seen leaning and chatting on face-offs. He chats up the refs during breaks and whenever the Hurricanes have a grievance. And with the team he played for only two years ago as the playoff opponent, it is no surprise that Justin Williams has a lot to say to an opponent who he knows.

So just for fun, here is my guess at Justin Williams’ conversations in Monday’s testy and at times controversial affair.


Leaning in chatting with Alexander Ovechkin on a face-off after the fight

“Alex, you know I love you and that will not change, but I have to tell that was a scummy thing you did. The kid just turned 19 years old, and you outweigh him by 50 pounds. Regardless of how it went down, pummeling a kid not okay, and I am going to remind you of that each and every time we meet for the rest of the series.”


While tied up with Tom Wilson during a scrum late in the game

(laughing) “No I don’t want to fight. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy…I still have ties to this team and despite battling you right now have respect and love for most of this team — except you. You’re the only one Tommy. The only one out of the whole group I don’t like, and that is because you just are not a good person.”


On the bench after the Canes watched Andrei Svechnikov get helped off the ice

“Let’s go fellas. We are not going to stand for that. We are going to punish them for the rest of the game. We are not going to let them do that to Andrei and then waltz out of here with a win. ..Not on my watch. NOT ON MY WATCH!  Let’s go!”


To himself early in the game when the crowd got into it

“Feels like old times. Ahhhhhh…yeah!!!”


To the team in the locker room after the win

“This the beginning fellas! This is the beginning of what we are going to do this spring and summer!”


What say you Canes fans?


1) Which of these Justin Williams mic’d up statements do you think has the greatest probability of actually occurring?


2) Who has more more Justin Williams mic’d up moments to add?


Go Canes!


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