Today’s Daily Cup of Joe offers a short set of quick hitters.


Micheal Ferland

I completely understand the potential trade value of Micheal Ferland and am even on record as being okay with the team trading Ferland at the trade deadline if the return is high enough. But at the same time, he continues to impress. Ferland started fast with Aho/Teravainen and admittedly has not been as impressive since his short layoff with a concussion. But he possesses a unique/difficult to find skill set. He plays an old school, heavy game but importantly does it in the form of a player who can skate the pace of today’s NHL game, and he does it in the form of a player who has enough skill to be a strong complementary scorer on a first or second line. Finally, when appropriate he brings a nastiness and ability to stand up for team mates that still has a small but important place in today’s NHL. By no means is Ferland irreplaceable, but it would literally take a couple different players each filling pieces of Ferland’s role to do so. It will be interesting to see how his contract situation works out. I still do not like the risk/return metrics for a long-term deal for maximum dollar for Ferland, but increasingly I hope that the Hurricanes and Ferland can find some middle ground and keep him in the fold.


Dougie Hamilton

His scoring run that has him in double digits for goals has coincided with the Hurricanes starting to win more games. What stands out about Hamilton is how much he can be a scoring catalyst. He is not a player who just lives off of a booming shot or who skates well enough to joint the rush and benefit from it occasionally nor is he a defenseman who just collects a bunch of points by touching the puck a bunch on the power play.  Rather, Hamilton is very much a play maker who can create chances for both himself and team mates. That skill set is still difficult to find even though its importance is growing in today’s NHL.


Curtis McElhinney

Enough cannot be sad about McElhinney’s role in keeping the Hurricanes in the hunt into February. At a time when the Canes were down a goalie with Darling out, the potential seemed to exist for the team to just completely implode. Instead, McElhinney arrived out of nowhere and stabilized things. Now again with the season hanging in the balance, McElhinney is shining. The question is how long he can keep it up and if he can be an X factor into March.



What say you Canes fans?


Who has quick hitters on other Canes players?


Go Canes!

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