Code of Conduct

Canes and Coffee aims to be a community – one that is welcoming to everyone. Please interact with others as if this is a community and treat everyone with respect, courtesy and decency the same as you would regular friends and acquaintances that you bump into at neighborhood coffee shop.

You can find the formal Terms of Use for Canes and Coffee here (hyperlink).

Be respectful of all users at all times. Debates and disagreements are part of being a passionate but there is clearly a right way and a wrong way to carry out these conversations.

Respect Canes and Coffee and its staff. With the goal of supporting the code of a conduct and a great atmosphere for everyone, we maintain the ability to edit or delete posts as we feel appropriate. Please respect these decisions and if you have an issue, please contact us directly instead of firing off in the comments section themselves.

Please keep things PG/family friendly and youth appropriate. We would love for Canes and Coffee and its community to contribute to the continued growth of the young fan base, but that quickly becomes impossible when a parent reading with a child happens upon inappropriate language or content.

Please refrain from abusive, harassing or aggressive language. Any instance of this will result in removal from the site.

Please report any posts that you find inappropriate or violates this code of conduct. We will make every effort to quickly remove objectionable content, but it is important to note that we do not review comments before they are posted and do not have staff to monitor the site 24/7.

Please note that your ability to comment on Canes and Coffee is a privilege which can be revoked at any time for any reason.

Again, please think of Canes and Coffee as a community. Please engage with others as if you are having a conversation at the local coffee shop. This does not mean we need to agree on everything, but it does mean that there is a respectful way to disagree and debate things.

Please also remember that the team who must manage and when necessary control the commenting feature do this primarily for fun and not as a full-time job. If it becomes more headache than it is worth, it will not be something that we can support.

Matt Karash, Founder of Canes and Coffee

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