Both in terms of temperatures outside and volume of hockey news, I think we have officially entered the desert of the hockey off-season. Sitting three weeks after the opening of free agency and still five or six weeks from even the start of informal skates, there really just is not much going on most days for Hurricanes hockey or any other hockey for that matter.

Despite the lack of new news, the upcoming week should be a fun one at Canes and Coffee where we will have an eclectic mix of reader week articles and also a few fun guest articles.

And despite the generally slow week news-wise, we did manage to accumulate a pretty good reading list for Hurricanes fans desperately scavenging for whatever Canes hockey reading they can find.


Justin Williams returns to PNC Arena

Justin Williams met with the media at PNC Arena on Monday.

Jeff Gravley at WRALSportsFan offered video from the media availability.

Bob Wage from Canes Edge also detailed Williams return to PNC Arena in this article.


The Carolina Hurricanes potential sale

Jeff Gravley at WRALSportsFan provided an update on the team’s potential sale in the Wednesday newscast.

On July 21, Luke DeCock from the News & Observer offered some additional insight into Chuck Greenberg who is thought to be the leader of the buying ownership group.


Nicolas Roy

Kurt Dusterberg from has an update on Hurricanes prospect Nicolas Roy and his development as a goal scorer.


North Carolina FC and the Hurricanes

This was a big week for North Carolina FC soccer, its fan base and the broader Raleigh sports community with the MLS visiting this week.

Brian LeBlanc from Canes Country wrote that the Carolina Hurricanes did not necessarily need to follow the North Carolina FC plan from Wednesday and look to move to downtown Raleigh in the future.

Here at Canes and Coffee, we offered an article detailing how Hurricanes hockey and North Carolina FC soccer can fit together and help each other.


The plight of being a Hurricanes hockey fan

Meg Palmer from Section 328 offers an interesting read that touches on the challenge and maybe risk of being optimistic after not much reward for doing so recently.

If you missed it on Saturday, we at Canes and Coffee discussed what we termed ‘the risk of optimism’ and also touched on the ownership situation again in our ‘Canes catch up’ article.


Go Canes!





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