Happy Mother’s Day to all hockey and/or Hurricanes hockey moms!

I had good intentions of finding a couple mom-related articles but found my weekend busy with my mom in town visiting and making sure that that my three boys did right for their mom (and my wife). May can also be a challenging time to scrape up Hurricanes hockey news anyway.

But below is a decent helping of Hurricanes hockey reading for this week across a variety of topics.


Growing future Hurricanes

Cory Lavalette from the North State Journal offered a great article on the Hurricanes’ First Goal program. The program is to get children started into hockey with a nice discount on the set of gear required to play plus great instruction. At a more basic level, as a father of three children who are a bit older now, I think ‘learn to skate’ classes offered regularly at all local rinks are great for fun, character building and teaching children at a young age how to conquer something that is actually a bit challenging. And spending a few hours on ice/in a chilly building is not a bad thing in the summer!


More Warren Foegele and other Hurricanes prospects in the Canadian juniors playoffs

The Ontario Hockey League has video and a nice article on Hurricanes prospect Warren Foegele winning the Wayne Gretzky ’99’ award for being the 2017 OHL Playoffs Most Valuable Player. Pretty sure anytime you win an award with Wayne Gretzky’s name on it, it is a good thing. And check out the impressive list of previous winners.

In his article on Tuesday, Cory Fogg at Canes and Coffee included Warren Foegele and the other three Hurricanes prospects still active in the Canadian Hockey League’s playoffs.

Nikki Stoudt from CarolinaHurricanes.com also provided an update on the Hurricanes’ prospects in the CHL playoffs with some great video clips as a bonus.


Grab bag

For the 20-year anniversary of the day that it was announced that the Hartford Whalers would be moving to Raleigh, Chip Alexander at the News & Observer took a trip down memory lane starting at the very beginning.

Oak City Sports Journal takes a look at Jordan Staal from a statistical perspective.


Go Canes!


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